Keyboard Master: One Thousand Function Keys

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keyboard station one thousand function keys 2012-08-10 98323
The master's station: one thousand function keys. (image source: adrien239. image source)

this guy, presses one key, and the world is changed. My type of guy.

Counting just the key-strips, he's got 16 * 4 + 14 * 2 + 8 * 2 = 108 extra function keys!

the big keyboard is Maltron Keyboard. The trackball is Microsoft Trackball Explorer, sometimes selling on Amazon or ebay for $500 USD. Both are best of the best devices.

The several function key strips are “Fentek's X-Keys” Buy at amazon See: Add Extra Function Keys to Your Keyboard. The tablet is a Wacom tablet for drawing Buy at amazon. The round thing above it is its pen holder. (thx to Ibrew)

Though, that many function keys is overkill even for me. Extra 10 to 20 would be good enough for me. Also, the function keys need to be easily accessible. Best is for it to be part of the main keyboard (such as Gaming Keyboards).

Normally, a PC keyboard's number-pad keys are excellent extra function keys. Such as Logitech G710+ Mechanical Keyboard. The number-pad keys gives you 17 extra keys. That's pretty enough for me. (See: How to Setup Number Keypad as Function Keys)

This guys's setup is also interesting, in that i've been thinking of comparative analysis of the Kinesis vs Maltron. The Kinesis is prettier, and Maltron ugly, but i think the Maltron is functionally superior, because it has about 28 extra keys in the middle. Those are your super function keys.

(via David Rogoff)