Keyboards with Volume Wheel

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Here's a list of keyboards with wheel control for sound volume.

das keyboard 4 volume wheel 01908
das keyboard

Wheel for sound volume control is the best. Because it allows you to quickly adjust sound to the desired level, increasing or decreasing.

Buttons for adjusting volume is not a suitable interface, because you have to press it multiple times, with fixed increment. It's slow, takes more time, more effort, and, if you hold it, it's easy to overshoot.

logitech g810 keyboard volume wheel 12086
Logitech G810 Keyboard [image source ]
Dell SK-8135 Multimedia keyboard volume knob 89276
Dell SK-8135 Multimedia USB HUB keyboard
Dell SK-8135 Multimedia keyboard 01555
Dell SK-8135 Multimedia USB HUB keyboard
ltbp Sven Multimedia 4004 general view 4
ltbp Sven Multimedia 4004 general view 4

Drum Roller Design

logitech g710 keyboard volume wheel
Logitech G710+ Keyboard
ASUS Strix Tactic Pro keyboard volume wheel
ASUS Strix Tactic Pro keyboard, September 2015
ASUS Strix Tactic Pro keyboard 13778
ASUS Strix Tactic Pro keyboard, September 2015
RIPJAWS KM780 RGB Keyboard volume wheel
G.Skill RIPJAWS Keyboard [image source ]
azio mgk1 k keyboard wheel 9afba
Buy Azio Backlit Mechanical Keyboard MGK1 RGB Azio MGK1

Rotary Knob Design

Dell RT7D30 Enhanced Multimedia Keyboard volume wheel
Dell RT7D30 Enhanced Multimedia Keyboard, 2005. [image source ]
Dell RT7D30 Multimedia Keyboard
Dell RT7D30 Multimedia Keyboard
Azio Mgk L80 keyboard 99662
Azio Mgk L80 mechanical keyboard
Azio Levetron L70 Keyboard 75633
Azio Levetron L70 keyboard
MS Sidewinder x6 gaming keyboard
MS Sidewinder X6 gaming keyboard. Microsoft Sidewinder Gaming Keyboards

Mouse Wheel Design

gigabyte force k7 keyboard wheel 3b2fz Gigabyte Force K7 Keyboard 19661 Gigabyte Force K7 Keyboard sbdfp 06a31
Gigabyte Force K7 Keyboard, 2013 October. Gigabyte Force K7 Keyboard
SMK-Link VP6310 VersaPoint Keyboard wheel
This wheel is actually used as mouse wheel. SMK-Link VP6310 VersaPoint Keyboard.
monoprice tkl keyboard 33966
Monoprice Gaming TKL Keyboard
Monoprice Gaming TKL Keyboard 75193
Monoprice Gaming TKL Keyboard

Pancake Disk Design

azio vision keyboard 77117
The disk here is actually used for LED brightness control. azion vision keyboard
logitech cordless freedom keyboard wheel 35550 Logitech Cordless Freedom keyboard 2005 77901
Logitech Cordless Freedom keyboard, year 2005.
Logitech Multimedia Keyboard 600 left
Logitech Multimedia Keyboard 600
Logitech Multimedia Keyboard 600 right
Logitech Multimedia Keyboard 600
dell studio 1 keyboard wheel dell studio 1 keyboard 29947
Dell Studio One, all-in-one desktop keyboard. (year 2009) [image source ]
keyboard with knob fb6f8 s1056x947
DIY keyboard with volume wheel [image source reddit]

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