ROCCAT Gaming Mouse with Linux Support

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If you want a fancy/gaming mouse with Linux driver (so you don't need to setup in Microsoft Windows first), a well known one is by the company ROCCAT.

ROCCAT Tyon mouse

The best one is

ROCCAT Tyon mouse 98322eeb
ROCCAT Tyon Mouse


roccat nyth mouse 11


ROCCAT Kone mouse 96649
ROCCAT Kone mouse sidefront view

Major features:

The mouse got a “32-bit Turbo Core V2 72MHz ARM MCU processor”.

This mouse actually got 2 versions. One with laser sensor, one with optical sensor. The laser one has max 8200 DPI. [see What's Mouse DPI? Does DPI Matter in Gaming?]

“Roccat Kone XTD vs Kone PURE vs DeathAdder 2013 - Best Gaming Mouse?” ROCCAT KONE mouse

This mouse, got the highest built quality, of all gaming mouses, period. The software is also top-of-the-notch.

Though, i'm not too impressed with this one, in comparison to top gaming mouses.

For example, it doesn't have Logitech's hyperwheel, which is extremely useful. [see Logitech Mouse with Spin Wheel].

Also, it only has practically 2 useful extra buttons, for the thumb. Other fancy mouses got 4 or more.

The fancy LED, i couldn't care less. The high-tech sensor tech, which allows you to control stuff like lift-off distance, i couldn't care less neither. They are not something of practical concern.

I would recommend instead the ROCCAT Tyon Mouse.

ROCCAT Kova Mouse

ROCCAT Kova mouse
ROCCAT Kova mouse

The Kova is a symmetric shaped mouse. Rather plain, but got all the important features.

ROCCAT Kova mouse top view
ROCCAT Kova mouse

ROCCAT Linux Driver Software

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