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roccat nyth mouse 11
Fin-switch at top, you push it left/right.

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roccat nyth mouse side 12
Side buttons are customizable.
roccat nyth mouse side 46651
Side buttons are customizable.
roccat nyth mouse swappable side buttons 26207
swappable side buttons
roccat nyth mouse overview 80684
ROCCAT NYTH Mouse video review.
roccat nyth mouse detachable right side
Snap-on detachable right side panel, for adjustable comfort.
roccat nyth mouse software 3
ROCCAT NYTH mouse software.
roccat nyth show girls 73107
Roccat Nyth Show Girls. [photo from]

Xah Design Analysis Verdict

The Cool Factor is high, but that's about it. You pay some big money for features you'll never use.

For vast majority of users, the customizable buttons will sit there unchanged. Besides, who wants less buttons? If you do, rather buy a different mouse that specifically, ergonomically, designed with fewer buttons. In fact, you can buy 2 good gaming mouses for the price of the ROCCAT NYTH.

For example, get Logitech G600 Mouse Buy at amazon for MMO, and get Logitech G502 Mouse for FPS.

Besides the customizable buttons, there's nothing much special about this mouse.

The fin-switch is nice. But because it's a rarely used spot (on top of the mouse), you won't be using it often anyway.

The what-not jargon jargon dpi tracking technology etc, are just marketing. [see Optical Mouse vs Laser Mouse]

So, you are probably better off with other tens of buttons mouse. See: MMO Mouses