ROCCAT Tyon Mouse

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10 buttons, plus a “dorsal fin-switch” and a thumb “paddle”.

ROCCAT Tyon mouse 53832

Here's critical features.

  1. Thumb paddle!
  2. Fin switch! At top of the mouse.
  3. “ROCCAT EASY-SHIFT”. A button that acts as a shift key to change other button's function. It's on the thumb side, bottom.
  4. 16 mouse buttons.

Mouse wheel does NOT tilt.

Other features:

  1. 8200 DPI laser sensor
  2. 16.8M multi-colored lights on the mouse bottom rim and wheel.
  3. 32-BIT processor plus 576KB memory.
  4. Tracking and distance control unit.

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The mouse is large.

Roccat Tyon Gaming Mouse Review. ROCCAT TYON mouse

Fin Switch

ROCCAT Tyon mouse fin switch 12416
dorsal fin switch. ROCCAT TYON mouse

Fin-switch at the top is excellent. Better than 2 buttons that logitech would put there. Because fin is easier to push.

ROCCAT Tyon mouse 37640
fin-switch, at the top. ROCCAT TYON mouse

Thumb Paddle

ROCCAT Tyon mouse thumb paddle
Thumb paddle. ROCCAT TYON mouse

The thumb paddle is the best feature of this mouse is. ROCCAT calls this the “X-Celerator”.

The thumb paddle is like a 2-way joystick. You can push it up/down, and when released, it snaps back to original position.

For non-gaming, you can use thumb-paddle to:

  1. Fly thru browser tabs.
  2. Fly thru windows or apps.
  3. Horizontal scroll.
  4. Rotate objects in 3D apps.
  5. Zoom in/out.


The software is also superb.

Here's a long video review, especially covering the software.

Roccat Tyon Gaming Mouse Review, by Joanne Tech Lover. The software review starts at 7:30.

If you didn't know already, ROCCAT is famous for having full Linux support. So, if you are a Linux geek, you can customize this mouse without having to make a trip to Microsoft Windows.

Great Linux Support

This mouse fully supports Linux.

One amazon reviewer wrote:

I LOVE THIS MOUSE. I wanted a mouse I could completely customize on linux and be able to make my job easier. I'm a programmer who still loves Compiz and MATE and the traditional desktop metaphore, so I've mapped the mouse to work with window management. I've never seen better support and software for a programmable mouse on linux. Usually you are held back on some features, but this one seems to work completely, colors and all! I know colors may be less important to some, but it's nice it all works currently. …


At this price range, you can compare it with:

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Personally, i think the ROCCAT Tyon is better.

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