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2018-05-20 a new wireless version came out. see

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Here is most useful features.

Mouse wheel does NOT tilt.

Other features:

Size and weight:

[see Mouse Weight Comparison]

The mouse is large.

Roccat Tyon Gaming Mouse Review
Oct 1, 2014
Paul's Hardware

Fin Switch

Fin-switch at the top is excellent. Better than 2 buttons that logitech would put there. Because fin is easier to push.

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Thumb Paddle

ROCCAT Tyon mouse thumb paddle
Thumb paddle. Buy at amazon

The thumb paddle is the best feature of this mouse is. ROCCAT calls this the “X-Celerator”.

The thumb paddle is like a 2-way joystick. You can push it up/down, and when released, it snaps back to original position.

For non-gaming, you can use thumb-paddle to:


The software is also superb.

Here is a long video review, especially covering the software.

Roccat Tyon Gaming Mouse Review, by Joanne Tech Lover. The software review starts at 7:30.

Great Linux Support

This mouse fully supports Linux.

One amazon reviewer wrote:

I LOVE THIS MOUSE. I wanted a mouse I could completely customize on linux and be able to make my job easier. I'm a programmer who still loves Compiz and MATE and the traditional desktop metaphore, so I've mapped the mouse to work with window management. I've never seen better support and software for a programmable mouse on linux. Usually you are held back on some features, but this one seems to work completely, colors and all! I know colors may be less important to some, but it's nice it all works currently. …

Another amazon reviewer wrote:

I'm a dual Linux and Windows user. My flavor of Linux is Linux Mint 18 a Ubuntu derivative and very user friendly.

Probably everythings been said about this Mouse and Windows so I'll concentrate on this Mouse and Linux. First of all this mouse has both memory and a CPU without installing a single driver in Linux it recognizes the mouse, the profile , and all of the macros etc. So if you have access to a Windows Machine you can program it and have it work flawlessly in Linux.

But I couldn't leave it alone, I wanted the ability to tweak it in Linux. To do it is very easy but to find out how to do it took some looking around.

Below are the Instructions that I found that are applicable to Ubuntu and Linux Mint, for other Linux Distros I don't know.

You need to follow Five steps:

At the very beginning I Just copy and paste the commands that come after the $ sign [Don't Include the $]

Step 1. Add the Ppa by . BTW this repository is the one that is recommended by Roccat so it is safe $ sudo apt-add-repository ppa:berfenger/roccat

Step 2. resynchronize the package index files from their sources: $ sudo apt-get update

Step 3. install roccat-tools (with libgaminggear as dependency): $ sudo apt-get install roccat-tools

Step 4. May or may not be necessary Note: Substitute your Linux Username in the spot below "username" $ sudo adduser username roccat

Steip 5. Reboot your computer. I didn't and the program opened up with an error. I rebooted computer then went to start menu and typed

Roccat. Every single Roccat Product shows up and then I selected Tyon opened it up and it recognized my mouse. I actually think the menu in Linux is cleaner and quicker than the Windows.

[amazon review by Nicholas Winn, 2016-12-29]


At this price range, i find the other comparable mouse is

Personally, i think the ROCCAT Tyon is better. The only thing, is it doesn't have logitech's spin wheel, which is necessary in linux, because linux doesn't have scroll acceleration.

ROCCAT mouse are known for their full linux support, and large size.

[see ROCCAT Gaming Mouse with Linux Support]

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