ROCCAT Kone Mouse

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ROCCAT Kone mouse 96649
ROCCAT Kone mouse sidefront view

Major features:

The mouse got a “32-bit Turbo Core V2 72MHz ARM MCU processor”.

This mouse actually got 2 versions. One with laser sensor, one with optical sensor. The laser one has max 8200 DPI.

[see What's Mouse DPI? Does DPI Matter in Gaming?]

“Roccat Kone XTD vs Kone PURE vs DeathAdder 2013 - Best Gaming Mouse?” ROCCAT KONE mouse

This mouse, got the highest built quality, of all gaming mouses, period. The software is also top-of-the-notch.

Though, i'm not too impressed with this one, in comparison to top gaming mouses.

For example, it doesn't have Logitech's hyperwheel, which is extremely useful. [see Logitech Mouse with Spin Wheel].

Also, it only has practically 2 useful extra buttons, for the thumb. Other fancy mouses got 4 or more.

The fancy LED, i couldn't care less. The high-tech sensor tech, which allows you to control stuff like lift-off distance, i couldn't care less neither. They are not something of practical concern.

I would recommend instead the ROCCAT Tyon Mouse.

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