Logitech G513 Keyboard

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Logitech G513 Keyboard, came out in June, 2018.

Logitech G513 keyboard 9349b
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A great feature, is the choice of 3 different switches.


Logitech G513 keyboard 19efe
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Comes with about 12 extra keycaps with different key top profile. For left hand around W A S D For gamers. Also comes with a key puller.


[see Keyboard Key Switch Mechanisms]

g513 vs g810

[see Logitech G810 Keyboard]

Bad Points

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Xah Say

The nice wrist pad is useless. you should never sit your hand on wrist pad while typing. Nor should you rest hand on it when not typing. (you should remove your hand from typing position when not actually typing. Reduce strain.) Use $2 washable throwaway-able bath tower folded instead. It needs to be at least 4cm high.

bath towel 39581
bath towel

[see How to Touch-Type]

The fancy color lights is pretty useless.

No extra function keys, no sound wheel, no media control keys, and fairly expensive.

Basically, when consider functionality, this keyboard is not much better than cheap $50 ones.

For similar, you better off with