Logitech C920 vs Cheap Webcam

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Logitech C920

2018-06-22 my webcam arrived.

Logitech C920 webcam gd42g-s1205x830
Logitech C920 webcam 3271×2254 Buy at amazon

marketing blurb:

  • Full HD 1080p video calling (up to 1920 x 1080 pixels)
  • H.264 video compression
  • Built-in dual stereo mics with automatic noise reduction.
  • Automatic low-light correction
  • Tripod-ready universal clip fits laptops, LCD or monitors
  • Compatible with: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 or later. Works in USB Video Device Class (UVC) mode: Mac OS 10.6 or later (HD 720p on FaceTime for Mac or other supported video-calling clients; Full HD 1080p video recording with QuickTime Player) Chrome OS,Android v 5.0 or above (with supported video-calling clients),USB port,Internet connection

Logitech C920 Cannot Focus Near Objects

BAD. All the review sites say it's best. I bought it. It has problem focusing correctly for anything within a forearm length. It can focus correctly if something is really close, like 5cm, but when you bring somethnig close, such as a keyboard, within 50 cm but not as close as 5cm, it tries to auto focus but its final choice is blurry. Lots one star ⭐ reviews have similar complaints. Also, the other model C922x, isn't better.

here's a video made with the Logitech C920 Webcam.

you can see, the video is blurry.

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If you search reviews, many sites says the logitech C920 is the best. Either lie, or paid reviews, or reviews churned out by clickbait commercial sites. These days, its hard to find proper review.

by the way, the logitech C922x have the same focus problem.

I've also read reviews of other expensive logitech ones. This one logitech brio webcam for $200. It'scrap.

Spedal Webcam MF934H, Manual Focus

2021-09-23 bought this. Highly recommended from a friend (soup on Xah Discord) It has manual focus.

Spedal Webcam MF934H 2021-09-26-s1200
Spedal Webcam MF934H 2021-09-26 3396×1590
Spedal Webcam MF934H 2021-09
Spedal Webcam MF934H. Note, the marketing photo is incorrect. Mine does not have those 2 blue lights. Buy at amazon

photo of box 1602×1201 1602×1201

Marketing blurb:

  • High Definition Webcam: Spedal MF934 face cam streams and records vibrant, true-to-life video with smooth motion and crisp details in full High Definition 1080p at 60 frames per second.
  • Webcam Software: On Spedal’s official website, you can download software that can control Webcam. You can modify the exposure/saturation/resolution/saturation/contrast/PLF(HZ)/white balance through the software. You can also record video through the software, and you can use different Scenarios to achieve customer needs, Our software can also be applied to other brands of webcam
  • Advanced Configuration: Equipped with six-element glass lens and light correction, the pc camera fine-tunes to the lighting conditions to produce razor-sharp high def images even if you're in a dim setting.100° FOV accommodates up to ten people, ideal for small boardroom meetings, telecommuting, or small groups/teams chats.
  • Built-in Microphone: Fitted with two noise cancelling microphones, one on either side, the webcam for video calling and recording is able to capture more realistic sound from every angle, so that your voice comes through sounding natural and clear.
  • Compatibility: Compatible with Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, Android, Smart TV, TV Box, etc; works well with most video applications: OBS, XSplit, FaceTime, Hangouts, Zoom, Broad soft, Google Talk, Line, Tango, Viber, Imo, Facebook, etc. It is also an ideal companion of Gaming like Xbox Series.

Logitech C920 vs Spedal Webcam MF934H

Note that as of today, 2021-09-27, The logitech is $74, and Spedal is $41, on amazon.

Logitech C920  Spedal Webcam MF934H 20210927
Logitech C920 Spedal Webcam MF934H 20210927
Logitech C920 vs Spedal MF934H 2021-09-27 2fMnB
Logitech C920 vs Spedal MF934H 2021-09-27

Wide Angle Comparison

The Spedal has wider angle than Logitech, and no fisheye lens distortion.

Logitech C920 vs Spedal MF934H 2021 KXhy
Resolution/FPS set to 1024x576 for both.
Under day light + LED light.
Cameraspositioned side by side on top of monitor.
Logitech C920 vs Spedal MF934H 2021 QcrV
Default resolution/FPS for both. Under day light + LED light.

Low Light Comparison

Logitech is better at low light.

Logitech C920 vs Spedal MF934H 2021-09-26 p2z9
Default resolution/FPS for both.
Under normal brightly lit room, at night. The lamp in the background has red bulb.
Cameras placed 20cm apart, on top of the monitor.
Logitech C920 vs Spedal MF934H 2021-09-26
Default resolution/FPS for both.
Under red lamp lighting, at night.
Cameras placed 20cm apart, on top of the monitor.

macro shot

Logitech auto focus does not work well when closer in forearm length. Also, the video becomes fuzzy whenever you move, because it's trying to adjust focus.

The Spedal is manual focus. It's a joy to use, no constant fuzzy problem. You actually do not need to manually adjust the focus. Just adjust it once, and it wors ok. If you are a video professional who actually want manual focus, you need to buy more expensive real cameras, not webcam.

cp Logitech C920 macroshot 2021-09-27
Logitech C920 macroshot 2021-09-27.
Camera 10cm to object.
cp Spedal macroshot 2021-09-27
Spedal macroshot 2021-09-27.
Camera 10cm to object.

Pro Stream Webcam 1080P HD

spent hours reading reviews, and found the webcamp i want

unzand (brandless) Pro Stream Webcam 1080P HD

unzano webcam 59by6-s250x250
unzano webcam 1300×1300 Buy at amazon

This has autofocus, and can focus on near object.

Marketing blurb:

  • 【Auto focus and beauty Effect, not afraid of backlight】-- HDR sensor and facial-enhancement technology optimize image and beautify your appearance; automatic low-light Correction, provide outstanding performance even in dim or poorly backlight settings.
  • 【Change the background according to your needs】-- background replacement function allows you to integrate your live image and any background scene while streaming (powered by personify). with Multi-scene application, you can easily use in major social media: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc.
  • 【Faster, smoother and clearer】-- latest full 1080P HD Pro webcam provides a much more clarity video calling, streaming, conferencing, Max Resolution up to 1920 x 1080 pixels never miss any details. Benefit from H.264 compression, you can get faster, smoother HD video experiences.
  • 【Unique design and Features】-- built-in dual mics with automatic noise reduction, capture natural Stereo Audio within 3 meters coverage, make sure everyone hears the Real You. Adjustable clip base securely access to any laptop, LCD monitor, desktop or tripod.
  • 【Excellent compatibility webcam】-- compatible with Windows XP SP2, 7, 8, 10 or later, Mac OS 10.6 or later. Supports smart TV, TV Box, Chrome OS, Android V5.0 or above, and Linux, Ubuntu, Xbox One etc.

if you goto amazon Buy at amazon you see people have video review of it, in comparison to the logitech. This nameless one from china, does good, while the logitech one, cannot focus.

Cheap Webcams

There are lots cheap webcams there, and it seems, they are not bad.

$160 4K Webcam Vs. $26 Cheap Chinese Knockoff Webcam
Jan 23, 2020
by Alpha Gaming

Conclusion: never buy logitech webcam

Nanshiba 1080P Webcam ywy2y
Nanshiba 1080P Webcam. Auto Focus, Dual Microphone,90 Degrees Extended View
Buy at amazon

Use Action Cam as Webcam

Campark ACT74 Action Camera 2020-07-03 5xngw-s247x253
best web cam