Logitech G600 Mouse

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This one, is solid, by Logitech. It came out in 2012 June.

In reviews, many prefer this than the Razer Naga.

Logitech G600 mouse 2
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Logitech G600 mouse. (in the photo, the little plastic around the side buttons are wraps, i haven't peeled off yet.) Buy at amazon

Mouse Size

The mouse size is wide. I'm Asian. I have small hands. I'm a fingertip-grip guy. For this mouse, i had to use palm grip because of its width. The g-shift button on the right forces you to put your ring finger there. Still, i love it.


The G-Shift Button

Logitech G600 mouse shift button 97304-s
G-shift button.

There is a button on the right side. That's the G-shift button. It is clicked by your ring finger.

This button, can be used as a button by itself. For example, you can set it to do middle-click. Because, middle-click with the wheel is difficult.

Or can be used like a shift key, which makes the other buttons do different things.

Using it as g-shift is no good. Because, having a gaming mouse with extra buttons is exactly to reduce key-chords. I don't want to do hold-this-then-press-that complexity, and causing Repetitive Strain Injury.

Setting the G-shift button as middle-click is excellent!

Numberpad Buttons Comfort

The side buttons are usable. But takes some effort to press, in comparison to gaming mouse with much fewer buttons.

Given a choice, i'd rather have a extra gaming keypad or gaming keyboard's extra programable keys.

Or, i rather have a FPS mouse with just 5 extra buttons for custom functions.

For example, i prefer Logitech G700s Mouse, but that one's top left 3 extra buttons requires extreme pressure to hit, making them unusable. [see Logitech G700s Mouse]

Mouse Wheel

Wheel has left/right tilt.

It's a notch'd wheel.

The wheel is very well-designed.

It's easy to scroll. You can place one finger on the wheel, not touching mouse elsewhere, roll it, without moving the mouse.

On-Board Memory

Yes, the mouse stores key settings in the device. This means, you can setup the keys, and use this mouse on any computer, without needing any software. I use it in Linux.


The logitech software is truly excellent, as usual. It's extremely easy to use and intuitive.

Logitech G600 mouse software 1
Logitech G600 mouse software. My setup.

I got this mouse for programing work. For browsing website actually, because i do lots research, reading docs, typically having 20 tabs in 3 different browsers.

Now with customized keys, the side buttons do:

One thing i was looking is to set a drag lock. That is, drag-n-drop without needing to hold the button. But i didn't find this feature in the software.

Also, there is no sound-level up/down command. Strange. That function is available in Logitech G700s Mouse's software.

LED Coloring

Out of the Box Experience

Out of the box, without any software, it works (and works in Linux).

Logitech G600 mouse button diagram
Logitech G600 mouse button diagram.

There are 3 modes. Press the G8 button to cycle.

Each mode, has different default key setup for side keys and other special keys.

Mode 1 = primary MMO

Numpad buttonsG-shift held down
  • G9 = 1
  • G10 = 2
  • G11 = 3
  • G12 = 4
  • G13 = 5
  • G14 = 6
  • G15 = 7
  • G16 = 8
  • G17 = 9
  • G18 = 0
  • G19 = -
  • G20 = =
  • G9 = Ctrl-1
  • G10 = Ctrl-2
  • G11 = Ctrl-3
  • G12 = Ctrl-4
  • G13 = Ctrl-5
  • G14 = Ctrl-6
  • G15 = Ctrl-7
  • G16 = Ctrl-8
  • G17 = Ctrl-9
  • G18 = Ctrl-0
  • G19 = Ctrl--
  • G20 = Ctrl-=

Mode 2 = Alternate MMO

Logitech G600 mouse software 2
Logitech G600 mouse software, mode 2, customized. Buy at amazon
Numpad buttonsG-shift held down
  • G9 = Numpad 1
  • G10 = Numpad 2
  • G11 = Numpad 3
  • G12 = Numpad 4
  • G13 = Numpad 5
  • G14 = Numpad 6
  • G15 = Numpad 7
  • G16 = Numpad 8
  • G17 = Numpad 9
  • G18 = Numpad 0
  • G19 = Numpad -
  • G20 = Numpad +
  • G9 = Ctrl-Numpad 1
  • G10 = Ctrl-Numpad 2
  • G11 = Ctrl-Numpad 3
  • G12 = Ctrl-Numpad 4
  • G13 = Ctrl-Numpad 5
  • G14 = Ctrl-Numpad 6
  • G15 = Ctrl-Numpad 7
  • G16 = Ctrl-Numpad 8
  • G17 = Ctrl-Numpad 9
  • G18 = Ctrl-Numpad 0
  • G19 = Ctrl-Numpad -
  • G20 = Ctrl-Numpad +

Mode 3 = Generic gaming

Logitech G600 mouse software 3
Logitech G600 mouse software, mode 3, not customized. Buy at amazon


This is excellent mouse!

True, there are too many buttons jam'd into one place. But i wouldn't take point off that, because MMO mouses are like that.

Program the buttons once using Logitech's software for Microsoft Windows, then use this mouse anywhere. I use it on linux.

The ring-finger button, i use as middle-click, great for open in new tab in browser, and pan-scroll. [see Firefox: Set Mouse Wheel Scroll Speed]

Everything about this mouse, quality, construct, software, features, mouse wheel, are top-notch.

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