Steam Punk Keyboard

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Steam punker rejoice.

Diviner Keyboard

diviner keyboard 58282
Diviner Keyboard. Buy at amazon

Datamancer Keyboard

datamancer keycaps steampunk 2016-05-06
datamancer keycaps. Cherry MX compatible. Buy at amazon

Sojourner Keyboard

steam punk sojourner keyboard
The Sojourner Keyboard. Buy at amazon

Pretty but useless? Not so!

This one actually got Cherry MX mechanical key switches. Mechanical, true to the steam punk name.

very expensive.

[see Keyboard Key Switch Mechanisms]

Aviator Keyboard

Here is a silver version, the Aviator Keyboard.

steam punk aviator keyboard 33315
The Aviator Keyboard. Buy at amazon
steam punk aviator keyboard datamancer 2016 05 04368
The Aviator Keyboard. Buy at amazon

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