Steam Punk Keyboard

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .

Steam punker rejoice. Introducing, the Datamancer Keyboard.

Datamancer Keyboard

datamancer keycaps steampunk 2016-05-06
datamancer keycaps. Cherry MX compatible. amazon

Sojourner Keyboard

steam punk sojourner keyboard
The Sojourner Keyboard. amazon

Pretty but useless? Not so❕

This one actually got Cherry MX mechanical key switches. Mechanical, true to the steam punk name.

buy at amazon now, it's cheap. amazon

〔➤see Guide to Computer Keyboard Key Switch Mechanisms

Datamancer's Aviator Keyboard

Here's a silver version, the Aviator Keyboard.

steam punk aviator keyboard 2
The Aviator Keyboard. amazon
steam punk aviator keyboard datamancer 2016-05-06
The Aviator Keyboard. amazon

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