lofree dot keyboard

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Lofree dot keyboard, a very cute one.

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lofree keyboard [image source twitter Pekaso ]

• Look at the arrow keys on the lower right. They are not aligned.

• The rows are aligned very differently than traditional layout. Each even row are aligned vertically. For example, key 2 and s are on the same vertical line. Key e and x are on the same vertical line. Look at the W A S D keys. The W is much more to the left than usual.

• The number keys row, are shifted 1 key to the right. For example, 1 is to the top-right of q. Normally, it is to the left.

• Tiny right Shift key. Tiny ⌫ Backspace key. Tiny Tab key.

• The left Shift key and the Enter key have 2 switches under them. This means, they requires 2 times the force to press, and you get 2 clicks.

The odd layout means you'll spend time to get used to, and not for gamers.


  1. Number of Keys: 78 (Mechanical Switch. Gateron)
  2. Number of Multimedia Keys: 12
  3. Main Body Material: PC
  4. Keycap Material: PC and ABS
  5. Backlit: White LED
  6. Battery: 4,000mAh Li-ion Rechargeable Battery
  7. Bluetooth Working Time (Backlit Off): Around 6 months (Single Charge)
  8. Bluetooth Working Time (Backlit 40%): Around 3 weeks (Single Charge)
  9. Bluetooth Working Time (Backlit 70%): Around 2 weeks (Single Charge)
  10. Bluetooth Working Time (Backlit 100%): Around 1 week (Single Charge)
  11. Charging Time: Around 5 hrs (USB 3.0)
  12. Charging Port: Micro USB
  13. Mode: Bluetooth/Cable
  14. Bluetooth Operating Distance: Up To 10m (Open Space)
  15. Bluetooth Device Name: DOT@LOFREE
  16. Size: 296.6*144.5*30.6mm
  17. Weight: ~800g
  18. Operating Environment: -10 to 50℃

[see Guide to Keyboard Key Switch Mechanisms]

[see Keyboard Keycaps: ABS, PBT]

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