Keyboard Layout, Stagger vs Angled Grid

By Xah Lee. Date: .

Good Reasons for 60% Non-Split Ortho Layout, 1-Piece Keyboard vs 2-Pieces Keyboard

keyboard layout stagger sucks 2020-12-25 Pp9m5
keyboard layout stagger sucks 2020-12-25

Microsoft Gradually Reduce Keyboard Stagger

Our Microsoft, has been doing serious stuff to get rid of the stagger that is, by mass producing successful keyboards, that gradually remove the stagger. So that the nerd didn't know about it and no complain. Let me do exhibit A:

Genius Microsoft. They knew, if they do grid layout outright, then an army of nerd idiots rise to bitch. So, they intro keyboards with slightly reduced slant every few years, LOL, imperceptibly and slowly changes the masses HABIT!. Killing your habit, root of the problem. Your habit faak.

stagger layout vs angled grid layout

The traditional stagger, if we ignore history, might be considered as a ergonomic workaround for ergo orientation, at least for the right hand. However, that thought failed to consider the home row angle. If you have a grid layout and you orient the keyboards to a inverted V, note that your home rows also orients properly. But with stagger, your home row remain a horizontal line, just your finger movement angle from moving up/down is changed.

symmetric inward stagger keyboards

the only good for stagger, is if they are symmetric.

grid with separation

however, i still think stagger should be ban'd. Just do grid. With grid, you can space them apart, or angle inward to however you like. with traditional stagger, you are fixed into one angle.