Hot-Swappable Key-Switch Socket

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What is Hot Swappable Switch Keyboard

Hot Swappable means you can change the key switches on the keyboard, for each key, independent of other keys, by just unplug and plug in a new one.

around 2021, we start to see mechanical keyboards with a feature that allows you to swap out key switches of your choice, by just pulling out the switch and insert a new one in.

this is a great feature for many, because many mechanical keyboard enthus want to experiment with different key switch feels on a actual keyboard, as opposed to just a few dummy keys on a key switch tester. (if you don't know what this means, first read Keyboard Key Switch Mechanisms)

how to replace hotswappable switch xgtH
  • How to Replace Switches on Hotswappable Mechanical Keyboard - 5 Tips You Need to Know
  • Jul 31, 2020
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Keyboards that features hot-swappable tech:

lots on amazon

here's a example of key switch set:

For more detail, see Keyboard Key Switch Mechanisms