Mechanical Keyboard Noise Comparison

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Mechanical Keyboard Key Noise Comparison with Scientific Instrument

Topre vs Cherry MX Brown vs Gateron Brown Sound Comparison.
by Eridanus.168
Published on Feb 10, 2017

The conclusion is, all mechanical keyboard's noise is about the same, including Topre switch of Happy Hacking type-s keyboard. (the type-s is marketed as “silent”)

The only one that's slightly quieter is a cheap non-mechanical logitech keyboard.

Ranking of Key Switch Noise Levels

Start from loudest:

  1. IBM buckling spring switch. Most loud. [see IBM Model M keyboard]
  2. Cherry MX switch keyboards. Blue is loudest.
  3. Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional type-s (s for silence) [see Happy Hacking Keyboard]
  4. Topre key switch. e.g. HHKB, Filco. [see List of Keyboards with Topre Switch]
  5. Logitech romer-g switch. [see Logitech G810 Keyboard]
  6. Rubber dom, cheap desktop keyboard. e.g. from Microsoft, Logitech, etc.
  7. Laptop keyboards. e.g. Apple Keyboards ⌨. [see Evolution of Laptop Keyboards, No More Page Up/Down Keys!]

Cherry MX Key Switch Sound Comparison

Here's a video that compare the noises they make.

• 0:45 browns • 1:50 blues • 3:30 reds.
Published on May 6, 2012

Note: the sound appear louder in videos. Because, microphone usually filter out ambient noise, and now you only hear the keys. And, the wooden desk amplify the sound.

Note: the only one that intentionally makes a sound, is the MX Blue, which makes a click sound.

All the others, do not make any noise if you press the key very slowly. (if you have wooden floor in a apartment, but walk very slowly, it'll make less noise.)

Where Does the Key Noise Came From

The key noise came from:

Reduce Key Noise by Rubber Ring

One way to reduce noise is to buy those rubber ring switch dampeners. You put them in each key yourself.

cherry rubber o ring switch dampeners
Rubber O Ring Switch Dampeners
Truly Ergonomic Keyboard (Cherry MX Brown), typing starts at 5:40

Key Switch Topic

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