Keyboard Key Switch Loudness Comparison

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Ranking of Key Switch Noise Levels

Here's rank of noises of keyboard key switches. The ranking is based on practical use, not from pressing a single key. The ranking is from my own experience of using of keyboards since 1991 plus watching many internet videos.

Your Wife is Sleeping Quiet

Some Noise


Crazy Clicky-Clacky

Where Does the Key Noise Came From

Some switches intentionally make a noise, such as Cherry MX Blue Clicky and Buckling Spring Key Switch

Most switches do not make any noise at all if you press them slowly.

The noise came from:

Reduce Key Noise by Rubber Ring

One way to reduce noise is to buy those rubber ring switch dampeners. You put them in each key yourself.

I do not recommend it. Too much trouble, also it doesn't help much.

cherry rubber o ring switch dampeners
Rubber O Ring Switch Dampeners
Cherry MX Brown, typing starts at 5:40
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