LISP / APL Root in Wolfram Mathematica

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LISP in Mathematica

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lisp root of Mathematica
WolframLang and LISP GnRn
WolframLang and lisp. Mathematica book, 1st edition, 1988. [source:]

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APL in Mathematica

WolframLang and APL 2021-10-23 5jZ9
WolframLang and APL 2021-10-23 Mathematica book, 1st edition, 1988. [source:]

Mathematica becoming WolframLang

WolframLang growth history 2021-10-24
WolframLang growth history 2021-10-24

What Programing Language is Mathematica/WolframLang Written In

A big early decision was what language SMP should be written in. Macsyma was written in LISP, and lots of people said LISP was the only possibility. But a young physics graduate student named Rob Pike convinced me that C was the “language of the future”, and the right choice. (Rob went on to do all sorts of things, like invent the Go language.) And so it was that early in 1980, the first lines of C code for SMP were written.

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Mathematica seashell code 2008
Mathematica seashell code, ~2008

[We've Come a Long Way in 30 Years (But You Haven't Seen Anything Yet!) By Stephen Wolfram. At ]

Just ∫du It: How Mathematica, Wolfram|Alpha and the Wolfram Language Came to Be
Mar 9, 2016
Computer History Museum

WolframLang History and Lisp