Xah Programing Blog Archive 2015-11

Linux: Disable Ubuntu Crash Report

Logitech G710+ Keyboard

now the it has a Cherry MX blue version.

xah keyboard buying guide ⌨

Linux: Shell Commands for GUI Apps (updated)

Linux: Mouse Hover to Raise Window (updated) This is the most useful of all mouse tricks.

Firefox: Set Mouse Autoscroll, Linux (on its own page)

Linux: Mouse Hover-Click

Unicode: Chess β™ž Cards πŸ‚‘ Dice 🎲

Unicode: Car, Train, Boat, Emoji πŸš€

Unicode: Public Signs β›”

Logic Operator as Control Flow

Linux: Set Default App (major update)

Linux: Bash color Prompt (updated)

linux lxde is now my Window Manager. Much more efficient than xfce.

Linux: How to Switch to LXDE, Xfce (updated)

Unicode: Keyboard Symbols ⌘ ↩ ⌫ (major rewrite)

{python, perl, ruby} tutorial is now separated into individual projects.

here's python. Python Tutorial

the perl and ruby are less mature, but good for beginner.

These tutorials are concrete in style, and example based.

3D Graphics with Clojure: OpenSCAD

[3D Printing With Clojure By @Adereth. At http://adereth.github.io/blog/2014/04/09/3d-printing-with-clojure/ , accessed on 2015-11-16 ]

Python: Unicode Tutorial 🐍 (major update)

Linux: X11 Mouse Button Numbering

Linux: How to Swap Mouse Buttons updated.

new Unicode emoticon font, Google Noto. see Download Free Unicode Fonts

Keyboard Monster

Keyboard Monster

Unicode: Things Emoji πŸ”ͺ (new)

there's a new version of the L-trac trackball, now with a glowing glob.
L-Trac Trackball

Unicode: Places Emoji 🏨 (new).

Emoji Keyboard

learned a new thing today.

β€œa thunk is a subroutine that is created, often automatically, to assist a call to another subroutine.”

from Wikipedia [ Thunk ] [ 2015-11-05 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thunk ]

Logitech G600 Gaming Mouse

After eyeing this mouse for 6 years, now i have it.

Full review at Logitech G600 Gaming Mouse

Logitech Trackman Marble Mouse review

after eyeing trackball for 2 decades, now i have it. Logitech Trackman Marble Mouse Review

currently reading [Creating Languages in Racket By Matthew Flatt. At http://queue.acm.org/detail.cfm?id=2068896 , accessed on 2015-11-01 ] rather idiotic.

some people like to teach a lang thru coding game. idiotic. teach one thing at a time!!!

apparently, some school are using that article to teach programing. student ends up learning nothing.

this is how we get: β€œat school we had lisp course, but i have no idea what's going on.”.

an article trying to teach racket lisp's create lang features by a game. Meanwhile, trying to explain what symbol is, and what cons is? LOL

imagine, how possibly the student or generic reader can learn?

Create TeX/Math/APL Keyboard Layout (updated)