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Here's a list of symbols to indicate special keys. Some are widely recognized, some are rarely used or suggestions.

Modifier Keys

Command key , used in Apple Keyboards.

Microsoft Windows logo key (suggested symbol) (note: the Apple Command key and Windows Logo key both send the same USB scancode. On Linux, this key is called Super.)

Alt/Opt key (note: Alt on PC keyboard and ⌥ Opt on Apple Keyboards send the same USB scancode.)

Control key


Microsoft keyboard control windows alt keys

Meta key (the black diamond is used on Sun Microsystems Type 6 Keyboard and in Solaris documentation it's called Meta. The Meta key is a key on Lisp Machine Keyboards and heavily used by emacs. 〔➤ Emacs: How to Define Keys〕)

sun keyboard left
Sun Microsystems Type 6 Keyboard

Hyper key (suggestions) . Hyper is key on Lisp Machine Keyboards.

Shift key

Apple iMac Keyboard A1242
Apple's keyboard as of 2008. amazon 1500×680 img src

Standard Special Keys

Capslock A⃣

Input symbols 🔠 🔡 🔢 🔣 🔤

Return/Enter key 〔➤ Keyboard Enter/Return Key Symbol — a Survey

Enter (note: There are 2 return/enter keys on standard PC keyboard: one on main section, one on number pad. The keyboard hardware send different key signals. On PC/Windows keyboards, they are both label “enter”. Apple keyboards label the main one “return”, and “enter” for the one on number pad. Apple uses for Enter key. 〔➤ Apple Computer Keyboards Gallery〕)

Microsoft digital media keyboard 3000 enter key

Menu/App key (suggestion)

Compose key . This key is rare. It's on Sun Microsystems Type 6 Keyboard, but it doesn't use any symbol.

Tab key . Note: PC Keyboards use ↹ for tab. European version of Apple Keyboards uses ⇥.

Esc key

Backspace, Delete

clear, insert Insert

pause key break key sleep key

Home/End, Page Up/Down, Arrow Keys


Page Up/Down key

Arrow keys

More: Arrows in Unicode.

Launch Keys and Extra Keys


print , mail , home ,

Cut Undo, redo

Reload, refresh . The symbol ⟳ is used by Google Chromebook for browser refresh.

search, find, magnify. 🔍 🔎. The manifying glass 🔍 is used on Google Google Chromebook for web search function, as replacement for the Caps Lock key.

brightness. 🔅 🔆

Multimedia Keys

mute 🔇 no sound 🔈 sound down 🔉 sound up 🔊

stop play/pause , prev song , next song , fast backward , fast forward , fast upward , fast downward

Keyboard Photos

Sample Use of Keyboard Symbols

Apple keyboard shortcut symbols
Key symbols used in Mac OS X menu, as of 2009.
Apple Mac OS X keyboard shortcut notation 2
Shortcut Notation used in Mac OS X, from Safari.

Computing Interfac Icons

Unicode: Computer User Interface Icons ⌖ ⌚ ⌛ ✍ 🔋 🔒

Character Representation

Unicode: Character Representation, ASCII Character Symbols ␀ ␤ ␠ ␣ ¶ ↩ �

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