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Piping and Function Composition Equivalence

is there actual legal requirement or effect for software license or part of to be in ALL CAPS?

An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of Ugliness of Software Tech

ruby, don't use rvm. use rbenv or chruby

Syntactic Meaning of Variable

PowerShell: Download, Install

minor update.

Ban Nested Closure?

What is Closure in Programing Language

more write up. Refresh browser. F5 or Cmd r.

Programing Language Design Problem, Conflict of Interest of Closure, and How to Ban Closure

What is Closure in Programing Language

added more stuff.

The Different Meaning of “closure”

What is Closure in Programing Language

virtual reality with goggle going nowhere

suddenly, i have a feeling, that virtual reality with goggle will be going nowhere. as opposed to, in every house hold. Rather, 3d projection will be everywhere, when that tech comes about.

all you don't want to know about lisp

Xah On Lisp


2018-07-12 thx to Timofey Lagutin [2018-07-12 https://twitter.com/nuopnu ]

Jargon REPL and Hackers

Guy Steele Says: Don't Iterate, Recurse, and Get rid of cons!

old article. minor update

programing languages traps for hackers

in programing languages, uncommon features are traps for hacker types. Hip coders form undue obsession about 'em. e.g. lisp symbols, macros, read syntax, advice. haskell of such is monad, currying. Unusual features is also cult brewing.

most hip love of lisp features r wrong.

Python: Append String in Loop

now we have machines that emulate various animation insect flights mechanisms. there r few major categories by mechanism: birds, insects. birds: eagle, seagull, sparrow, hummingbird. house fly, dragon fly, butterfly, beetle.

should we include sting-ray as flying? depends. one is air, one is water. In physics, they are both fluid dynamics. But due to density, the mechanism and flight property, is significantly different. If we include, then we have types such as: dolphin, shark, ray, even octopus et al.

more generally, there are all considered locomotion. that is, how a animal propels. so what's the diff between “flight” and “walk/run”. The essence, is one is based on fluid dynamics, vs friction.

why are we interested in flight here? because, the various mechanisms of birds/insects, are interesting with respect to engineering. but note, walk/run is also quite interesting mathematically, in that the number of legs, and “gaits”, have diff properties and limits.

for flight, some of the top interesting properties is can it: hover, glide, fly backward, agility, speed, lift power, enegy efficiency. For ground based locomotion, some are: stability, speed, agility, power, carrying capacity, efficiency, terrain, control complexity.

Unicode Arrows → added some 10 more arrows, more organization

jwz vs xah twitter spat

jwz vs xah twitter spat 2016-10-28
jwz vs xah twitter spat 2016-10-28

few days later, when he twitted about a perl question, and i reposted it with “stop using perl” or such, he blocked me.

i liked jwz and linked to his site often in 2000s. But since this, i no longer support him.

1920x1200 monitor

1920x1200 monitor is nice! extra 200 px gives you 10 more lines. Doesn't seem much, but for coding that's quite useful. Normally, it's 1920x1080. You can find out your resolution at JavaScript: Find Window Size and buy it.

Dell U2415 24 Inch 1920 Monitor Buy at amazon

[see ASUS Pro Art Display PA278QV, Xah Display 2021]

Unicode symbol for X-men ⮿

Unicode Arrows →

major update. Added some 100 arrows i missed before.

unicode arrows 2018-07-03 a9c88
unicode arrows 2018-07-03

on iphone and android phone, the arrows don't show. strange, because these are from unicode 7, year 2014.

ribbon arrows

added to Unicode Arrows →

thx to [ twitter vladresende ] [ 2018-07-02 https://twitter.com/vladresende/status/1013890682933710848 ]

Unicode Symbol Become Emoji. major update. Added a table.

this utter stupid unicode page http://unicode.org/emoji/charts/text-style.html there r 1214 emoji there, and each picture is base64 encoded in the html. the file is 3 mega bytes. removing them, the file is 153k

YouTube Shows Blank for Deleted Video

youtube axed account no info 2018-06-24 2ae31
youtube axed account no info 2018-06-24

It used to be, when you visit a YouTube video that's gone, YouTube says why. e.g. Deleted, went private, account violation gone. Now, it's just a blank.

Unicode: Emoji Usage Frequency

Google Forcing HTTPS

[Google and HTTP By Dave Winer. At http://this.how/googleAndHttp/ ]

google is now the biggest skummbag on earth. it wants $, and full control. Dave Winer is an asssshooole. but i agree with his say here. i have 5 domains. https would increase $ burden a lot for me. Its effect is wipe out all small players.

i've voiced against google forcing https, but quite a few nerds don't agree. about security, google chrome browser would be the number 1 problem. if google does backdoor, nobody will know, and they r the biggest octopus wrapping the globe from underground to outer space.

canvas size problem 2018-06-19 827c9
canvas size problem 2018-06-19

one of the problem of writing JavaScript svg math grahph plotter, is the canvas size problem.

Linux by Command Line
new nav panel on the side

Git: What's HEAD

git, and its doc, is the prototypical think of programers, like C unix lineage, it's the most incomprehensible, to mathematicians, to logicians, to laymen. Only other programers can understand it, by means of “grok”.

Mathematicians remove anything unnecessary. What's left is the pure abstract substance. programers and their writing, moves around things with semi algorithm. Sometimes recipe like, sometimes lose definition. The land of the middle brain.

i propose, that big endian should be henceforth called the natural byte order.

design pattern dead

There isn't much mentioning of design pattern these days. I suppose it's dead since ~2012. It reigned for a decade, since 2000. Reaching its pinnacle around 2007.

Why Software Suck. written in 2001. Why Software Suck

Hack of Bitmask as Boolean Parameters

isn't JavaScript the greatest language

In coding, there is lots frustrations. After you get old, you knew, the main problem cause, is the corporations, enterprise. However, the story is impossible to tell, due to social forces.

In html, one major problem is that it's hard to find the matching end tag. Usually, they are all </div>. One solution, is to allow arbitrary tags. e.g. <x70612>something</x70612>. This is beginning to be espoused, but killed by html5 fckkks.

Recall, xml rose as a fix of 20 years of sgml html mistakes. With streamlined syntax. Html5, was mostly Apple and opera, e.g. They want canvas for iphone for game for $$$. There are tons of articles written about the controversies, but, they are now history. When you try to say it, nobody cares.

For 12 years i blogged about ills of html xml css stuff. But realized, all the articles are just buried. It makes no sense to repost them. And it's hard to find the thousands of articles about them by others. All buried, as, “history”. Young people, only knew about current fad n bitches.

The ill of all this, the driving force, is really, just $. From each programer, to standard bodies such as w3c and wtfg, corps. If some tech is really good but makes no $ for nobody, it'll dieee.

So programing languages, is like the outcome of a cellular automata, just like other social things. That's why all lang r like total fkkcdp n extremely complex. Handful clean ones, from academia, no force to bubble them up.

Am starting to see, young people claiming they love javascript, or that js is a great language. Now, you feel old, too. Lol. Now, try to tell them things. Experience no communication.

Meanwhile, ten thousand corporations, libs, frameworks, etc, are shooting fireworks daily about how great JavaScript is, how modern it is, how universal it is, beautiful, with their libs, framework, ide, browser, engine, methodologies, things they peddle.

When you are a young coder, say, 20, that's all you hear. Sure, now and then you'll hear history of things. Some, would be curious and look. But, history is like a shroud. You don't really know it unless you wore it.

Unicode Box Art ░ ▒ ▓

unicode art 2018 06 13 99fe3
unicode art, for lack of better description [image source [ 2018-06-13 https://twitter.com/FakeUnicode/status/1006816667316506624 ]]

Unicode Symbol Become Emoji

Emoji Politics

Symbola Font for Unicode No Longer Free

Crap. George Douros changed licenses in March 2018.

This means Symbola versions after 10.23 are no longer (libre) Free.

[2018-06-05 from [ twitter FakeUnicode ] [ 2018-06-06 https://twitter.com/FakeUnicode/status/1004206237620113408 ]]

quite interesting turn of events. George Douros is the guy who created the Symbola font, for years its the most popular and basically the only open source font for emoji. Now the license change is rather drastic. e.g. linux distro cannot use it as is.

about 6 years ago, i emailed George for permission to use his font (i think it was put on my website for download) to be sure, and he seems annoyed. e.g. “what part of free for any use you don't understand”. So i gather he's very “free” guy, not necessarily any open source fsf faction.

[ twitter xah_lee ] [ 2018-06-06 https://twitter.com/xah_lee/status/1004603690571874304 ]

unicode 11 is out



camelCase vs snake_case

Agile is Dead


GOTO 2015 • Agile is Dead • Pragmatic Dave Thomas

See also: Software Engineering Voodoo

[APL deserves its renaissance too By Oleksandr Kaleniuk. At https://hackernoon.com/apl-deserves-its-renaissance-too-caec3df9ba85 ]

by the way, lots people don't know. APL is one of those considered array languages. Matlab, Mathematica, are similar. In fact, Mathematica is far more powerful. you can implement APL in Mathematica in maybe just 50 lines.

See also:

programing language design and popularity. Save a weekend to watch

opinions from programers about programing language can be ignored, as well from those lang creators. pay attention only to expert on these issue, namely, researchers on language design, popularity, history, notation systems, human cognizance field etc.

programer's opinions on languages is like carpenter's on hammer. lang creator's opinion's like the maker of a hammer brand's. what u want instead, is from researchers, designers, scientists, on human anatomy, accident statistics, material science, physics, mech engineering.

Bret Victor

Empirical Analysis of Programming Language Adoption

history of APL

[A History of APL in 50 Functions By Roger K.W Hui. At http://www.jsoftware.com/papers/50/ ]

See also:

The Unix-Haters Handbook

See also: The Unix Pestilence

build a silent computer


nice article.

How Computing Science created a new mathematical style

Dell UltraSharp U3415W 34-Inch Curved LED-Lit Monitor amazon

anyone have experience with big curved monitor for coding?

Piping and Function Composition Equivalence


linux mouse thanks xah 2018 05 05 9a67b
Linux: How to Swap Mouse Buttons#comment-3887057115