Xah Web Dev Blog Archive 2014-03

Global Internet Usage Hour Pattern, with simple JavaScript image cycle script. Todo: extract the JavaScript into a image library.

HTML5 Page Structure Tags Example (updated)

emoticon thumb facebook
emoticon images on Facebook.

Emoticon: Facebook vs Sina Weibo

html5 「time」 tag changes

Sometimes in the past 3 years, the time tag of HTML5 have changed significantly. Now it supports these convenient date/time formats:

major update: HTML5 “time” Tag (refresh page). ( thanks to Manuel Strehl for correction.)

HTML5 “time” Tag (updated)

Firefox now supports meter and progress tags. HTML5 {meter, progress} Tags (updated)

CSS: Relative Position (minor update. thanks to Jean-Philippe Paradis for a correction.)

HTML5 Tags Complete List (updated. added the main tag. Thanks to Jean-Philippe Paradis)

JavaScript: Prevent Adding Property (updated)

CSS: 3 Columns Page Layout Tutorial (minor update)

The greats have fallen on this. JavaScript: “this” Binding (updated)

HTML Table Examples with thead, tbody, tfoot (minor update)

JavaScript: Operator “new” (minor update)

JavaScript how to pre-cache Images

(new Image()).src = "cats.gif";

see JavaScript: Image Rollover

JavaScript: Function Call, Apply, Bind (added links to ECMAScript reference)

CSS Basics (updated)

Pure CSS Table (updated)

CSS Linear Gradient Tutorial (updated)

JavaScript: Prototype and Inheritance (updated)

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sometimes in past 7 months, Google Chrome browser now supports CSS animation. See: CSS: Animation Tutorial (updated)

CSS Radial Gradient Tutorial (updated)

CSS: Tag Matching (Selector) Tutorial (updated)

CSS Selector Syntax (updated)

HTML XML Entities (updated)

JavaScript Encode URL, Escape String (updated)

Xah Web Dev Blog Archive 2013-09

JavaScript: Default Charset/Encoding (updated with correction)

JavaScript: Convert Character To/From Codepoint (updated)

thinking of writing a Firefox extension. Here's the official doc. https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/Add-ons

JavaScript: Property Attributes (minor update)

JavaScript: What's Object? (minor update)

JavaScript: Variable/Function Declaration Order, Name Hoisting (minor update)

JavaScript Variable Scope: Function Level vs Block Level (updated)

JavaScript: Web Storage Tutorial

HTML5 Video Tutorial (minor update)

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