Xah Web Dev Blog Archive 2017-10

Updates of JS tutorial to ES2015, status.

in the past 2 months, the following have been updated to ES2015

  1. Intro to Event-Based Programing
  2. Random Integer Function 🚀
  3. Round/Truncate Number
  4. Tagged Template String
  5. Object Basics
  6. Array.prototype.forEach
  7. Clone, Deep Copy Object/Array
  8. Array.prototype.slice
  9. SVG Clock
  10. Array-Like Object to Array
  11. Array.prototype.sort
  12. Array.prototype.some
  13. Array.prototype.every
  14. Array.prototype.reduce
  15. Array.prototype.reduceRight
  16. Array.from
  17. Array.prototype.toString
  18. Test Array Equality
  19. Sparse Array
  20. Array.prototype.indexOf
  21. Array.prototype.lastIndexOf
  22. Array.prototype.join
  23. Array.prototype.concat
  24. Array Constructor
  25. Array.prototype.flat
  26. Create Array
  27. Random Array Element, Randomize Array 🚀
  28. Node.js Tutorial
  29. Understand JS Array
  30. Array Basics
  31. Array.prototype.map
  32. Range Function for Array 🚀
  33. Array.prototype.splice
  34. the Set Object Tutorial
  35. Set Object
  36. Set.prototype
  37. Set.prototype.add
  38. Set.prototype.clear
  39. Set.prototype.delete
  40. Set.prototype.has
  41. JavaScript: Set Element's Attribute Value
  42. Function Call, Apply, Bind
  43. Function.prototype.call
  44. Reflect.apply
  45. Function.prototype.apply
  46. Get Max/Min Value of Array
  47. Reflect.getOwnPropertyDescriptor
  48. Reflect.isExtensible
  49. Object.isExtensible
  50. Reflect.preventExtensions
  51. Object.preventExtensions

there are still about 100 pages need to be updated. Mostly remove use of var

then, am going to write a JS ES2015 tutorial for beginner. That is, a ES2015 version of JavaScript Basics

put in a few bucks in my patreon. https://www.patreon.com/xahlee Thank you.

following pages updated to ES2015

  1. Object.keys
  2. Object.getOwnPropertyNames
  3. Object.getOwnPropertySymbols
  4. Reflect.ownKeys
  5. Date Tutorial
  6. Date.now
  7. List Properties

CSS: Text Shadow (updated)

CSS: Round Corners (updated)

revamped many pages at Visual CSS

JavaScript Sucks

the spam trend of past 3 years, is people who email you nicely and elaborately, citing your site and ask you to link to them.

Note, you get that only if your site is popular.

See also: Web Spam, Scam, SEO

and there's a scum job site plorepbqref (rot13 to see name), somehow they can always tell if you clicked their email spam read in gmail.

what's the technique to see if your spam email has been opened? (no click link) I thought Google gmail blocked all tracking gifs and indirected stuff.

JavaScript sort, is fragile, and most complex, convoluted