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Guile scheme lisp, is python a lisp?, JetBrain vs Emacs editor, why clojure java. 2019-08-25

JavaScript alternatives, intro to ES2015, JavaScript warts, xah talk show 2019-08-23

webp and jpeg 2000 image formats

Safari supports jp2 (jpeg 2000) image format. Firefox no, Google Chrome no. Google's webp image format is becoming popular. Safari doesn't support it.

XahTV 2019-08-11. jwz keyboard. why JavaScript no "use js2015", rant on Brendan Eich

new JavaScript compiler: QuickJS


written by Fabrice Bellard. He is perhaps the top 10 greatest programer. you can read about him on Wikipedia.

HTML Frameset Tutorial

major update

HTML: Email Field 📧

it seems, java doc since java 11 (year 2018) stopped using html 4 frameset.

see HTML: Frameset to Split Windows

JavaScript: Get Element by ID, Name, Class etc


interactive text shadow generator

css text shadow 2019-06-28 vjt7h
CSS: Text Shadow
hsl color generator 2019-06-27 t8q3q
CSS: HSL Color
css box shadow 2019-06-26 c5tws
CSS: Box Shadow
css radial gradient 2019-06-25 5wh9x
CSS: Radial Gradient

TypeScript DOM interface property x not in y

in TypeScript you get this property x not in y all the time. most annoying. Those dom objects (aka interfaces) are esoteric, and hard to find answer other than common errors.

TypeScript ts2339 2019-06-24 93yb9
TypeScript ts2339 2019-06-24

JavaScript up/down arrow key to increase number field by 1 or 0.1

JavaScript number field arrow key 2019-06-25 96r58
JavaScript number field arrow key 2019-06-25

spent 3 hours to have written this, to increase/decrease number field by 1 or 0.1 by up/down arrow. Until i realized it's builtin in browser, with “new” <input type="number" />

see HTML: Input Number Field

However, using mouse wheel to increase/decrease a number field is not supported by browser. Here's the code

const f_mouse_wheel_event = (x => {
const box = x.target;
if ( x.deltaY > 0) { box.value = (Number.parseInt(box.value) - 1); }
if ( x.deltaY < 0) { box.value = (Number.parseInt(box.value) + 1); }

JavaScript function speed, compiler optimization

JavaScript in theory, f2 should be faster than f1. In Firefox, true. 141 vs 86. In chrome, both 10. The state of compiler optimization is unpredictable. Did Chrome just skipped the whole loop?

JavaScript speed sin cos 2019-06-23 vfhwy
JavaScript speed sin cos 2019-06-23

safari showed similar behavior as Firefox

JavaScript speed safari 2019-06-23 wfq42
JavaScript speed safari 2019-06-23
const cos = Math.cos;
const sin = Math.sin;
const π = Math.PI;

const f1 = (x => [[cos(x),-sin(x)], [sin(x), cos(x)]]);

const f2 = ((x) =>
const cosx = cos(x);
const sinx = sin(x);
return [[cosx,-sinx], [sinx, cosx]];

const nn = 99999;

const start = new Date().getTime();
for (let i = 0; i < nn; ++i) {
const end = new Date().getTime();
console.log( end - start );

const start = new Date().getTime();
for (let i = 0; i < nn; ++i) {
const end = new Date().getTime();
console.log( end - start );
gradient generator 2019-06-24 v7sk8
gradient generator 2019-06-24

CSS: Linear Gradient

SVG: Circle Arc

finally, got it right.

svg circle arc 2019-06-19 m4d33
svg circle arc 2019-06-19


minor update



Donald Knuth, Steve Jobs, and the Idiocy of Typography

minor update

CSS: Computed Style

major update

HTML: the Root Element


CSS: Media Query

improved writing

SVG: ViewBox, User Coordinate's Unit Size


Browser War, Mobile Passed Desktop Since ~2016

HTML: Viewport Meta

XahTV 2019-06-07 understand JavaScript object like a mathematician

New Tutorial Pages on HTML GUI

with JavaScript code showing result in realtime

HTML: Charset and Encoding

HTML Entity List (updated)

html entities 2019-06-07 zf5nk
html entities

Xah talk show 2019-06-05 live coding javascript, html entities, emacs workflow demo, xah fly keys

2019-06-04 sad. html5 created a bunch of entities that does not end in semicolon.

html entities 2019-06-04 gffbt
html entities 2019-06-04

HTML Entity List

CSS: Tabbed Menu

minor update

Using Unicode in HTML Attributes (review)

JavaScript raining hearts 2019-06-01 swytt
Raining Hearts

major update.

Load Order

minor update to this and other pages at JavaScript: DOM Scripting Tutorial

DOM: Node vs Element, NodeList vs HTMLCollection (major update)

JavaScript Get Radio Button Value Sans Loop

this is JavaScript magic. Best way to get radio button value. All function style. No for-loop.

see HTML: Radio Button

Microsoft Edge browser bug, input event not fire on radio button

JavaScript. Can't believe i ran into this bug. Edge browser, written from ground up few years ago, has this bug?

Edge browser input event bug  2019-05-27 v6wnf
Edge browser input event bug 2019-05-27

JavaScript/DOM: What is Node, Node Type, Element (minor update)

the Set Object Tutorial (minor update)

Reverse Key/Value of Map 🚀

JavaScript Map.prototype.forEach is pretty stupid in that it reverses the order of key val args.

see Map.prototype.forEach

browser auto getElementById

JavaScript just noticed something amazing. you don't need getElementById. They are automatically done in JavaScript. Tested to work in safari and Google Chrome. Does any know if this is in standard or what?

i had const x = document.getElementById ('x'); etc. but removing them still works when i x.addEventListener ('input', f_update, false) i'd expect “x not defined”

apparently, the spec mentioned it, but is “non-normative”, meaning, it is not reliable. thx to @lg188

browser auto getElementById 2019-05-20 7kvv5
browser auto getElementById 2019-05-20

JavaScript spec size

SVG: Circle Arc

SVG: Circle Arc

the idiocy of the SVG ellipse spec

svg ellipse 2019-05-18 2ps7v
svg ellipse 2019-05-18

SVG Path: Elliptical Arc

Generator (updated)

Firefox disabled extension 2019-05-04 s9kft
Firefox disabled extension 2019-05-04

Firefox still has extensions disabled. i am wondering if it intentional accident, or intentional afterwards.

one sneaky thing Firefox does is that it requires you to agree to use your data before you can get the extesion disabled fix. also, in the past few years, it donates to antifa, and other nasty things on the news.

i use 4 browsers. Google Chrome with Google sites ONLY. Brave for generic site (JavaScript off). Safari for alt twitter acount. Firefox for main local web dev (JavaScript off). Now, Safari or Brave replaces Firefox. I'll see which one.

the thing about gnu icecat is that, those are just clone of firefox. they rely on the commercial firefox. open source fsf as ideology, do not survive. They survive on the donations from patent ridden and evil commercial enterprises's breadcrumb (and those who works for them).

i like to support good things in society, so we can live freely. Not living in a underground niche community. That's most linux etc fsf open source hackers are doing. Forever in fear, in a rebel state.

Iterator (updated)

“typeof” Operator (updated)