JS: “typeof” Operator

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typeof value → return a string that represents the type of value.

Return one of:

[see JS: Value Types]

console.log ( typeof undefined === "undefined" );
console.log ( typeof "abc" === "string" );
console.log ( typeof true === "boolean" );
console.log ( typeof false === "boolean" );
console.log ( typeof 3 === "number" );
console.log ( typeof NaN === "number" );
console.log ( typeof Infinity === "number" );

// type of some standard objects
console.log( typeof {} === "object" );
console.log( typeof [3,4] === "object" );
console.log( typeof (new Date()) === "object" );
console.log( typeof /x/ === "object" );
console.log( typeof JSON === "object" );
console.log( typeof Math === "object" );

// all true

[see JavaScript Object Reference]

Type of null

typeof null return "object". This is historical bug and we are stuck with it. (it should return "null")

[see JS: null]

Type of function

typeof function return "function".

    typeof (function () {}) === "function"
); // true

Note, technically, JavaScript function actually is object, by spec. There is no type named “function”.

[see JS: Value Types]

[see JS: Object Type]

Find Type of Object

JS: Determine Type of Object

“typeof” is a Operator

Note: typeof is a operator, not a function. This means, you can write typeof 3, no need parenthesis. Use parenthesis typeof (expr) only when expr is complicated.

JS Types

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  3. Object Type
  4. “typeof” Operator
  5. Find Object's Type
  6. Object.prototype.isPrototypeOf
  7. Property Key “constructor”
  8. “instanceof” Operator
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