ADM-3A Terminal

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ADM-3A Terminal, first shipped in 1976.

This is the machine that begot the vi editor.

terminal ADM-3A
The ADM-3A terminal. (12 inch screen; 24 lines of 80 characters.) 2676×2370image source
terminal ADM-3A keyboard
Terminal ADM-3A keyboard.
terminal ADM 3A number pad
Terminal ADM-3A number pad.


adm-3a keyboard cb140
ADM-3A keyboard [image source]

Interesting notes:

ADM 3A terminal layout 6aec4
The ADM-3A terminal keyboard layout.

ADM-3A says to vi: I am your father

This machines is how vi's key began, see

See History of Emacs and vi Keys

Adm3a Operators Manual


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