Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Keyboard

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Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Keyboard came out in 2013.

Microsoft Sculpt Comfort keyboard 25163
Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Keyboard

here's some interesting points:

Microsoft Sculpt Comfort keyboard euro 51b56
Microsoft Sculpt Comfort keyboard with European layout. Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Keyboard

I don't think it's a keyboard for those of us who use Dvorak layout or tweak keys by software. However, the Space bar split into 2 keys, is a major, risky, innovation, seldom done by big companies. The Backspace โŒซ on PC keyboard is a major problem. [see Keyboard Design Flaws]

Even though they split the space bar, which is a great move, but note how silly it is they make the keys huge. Also, the Alt key are pushed to the side, instead of closer to the thumb. And notice the Shift key is now unnecessarily super wide. For a different perspective on why the space bar should be split, see: The Space Key.

the result of using a physical toggle switch for the function keys is that, for most people, the switch will probably stay in one position, and never used. For mom and pop, the switch will probably stay in special function position, since they don't use {F1, F2, etc} keys. But for programers, we need the function keys, but then that means we lose the Mute and other app launch keys.

For mom and pop, this may be a fine keyboard. For programers, no.

It's nice to see Microsoft do innovations. They've been a leader in this area, starting with their ergonomic keyboard the Microsoft Natural in 1994, then the Microsoft 4000 in 2005. (also, Microsoft invented the mouse wheel, and lead the 2 button revolution.)


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