Nerd Battlestations

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nerd battlestations from image site, dated 2019-02.

battlestation matrix

battlestation matrix hwf9p-s
battlestation matrix 4032ร—3024

note the mouse. From 2017 Logitech MX Ergo Trackball

follow the white rabbit.

battlestation emacs cup

desk emacs mug 2019-02 9v7fz
desk emacs cup

Note the emacs mug. See also: GNU Emacs Logo

trackball is Logitech M570 Trackball. bad.

headphone is AKG K702. Buy at amazon expensive but well loved.

Note the bandana and cowboy hat. This guy must be in USA. But also note the 2 Japanese posters.

battlestation synth

battlestation synth gnt2w
battlestation synth

that's a synth. Korg Minilogue Buy at amazon year 2017.

the speakers is Genelec 8010. Buy at amazon expenive but not a well known brand.

trackball is from 2017 Logitech MX Ergo Trackball

monitor is some big dell curved monitor

battlestation homotopy

battlestation homotopy y65ym
homotopy battle station

this guy must be a hermit mathematician, and a poor sob.

this is not an old photo.

note the book Homotopy Type Theory, which came out in 2013. That's a book you might understand only if you had phD level math.

the book above it is the classic Book: Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs (SICP), Scheme LISP and JavaScript

that trackball came out in 2004, but is still made today. Logitech Trackman Marble

the keyboard came out in 2003, and is no longer made since about 2011. Microsoft Comfort Curve Keyboard 2000

battlestation coke bottles

battlestation coke bottles d49zs-s
battlestation coke bottles 3000ร—788

need to check this guy's teeth.

battlestation panorama

battlestation panorama df3tq
battlestation panorama

mess is ok, but this guy got food droppings all over. no.

battlestation conservative

battlestation conservative q8tdc
battlestation conservative

when this guy goes to bed, his slippers must be placed parallel to each other and perpendicular to his bed.

battlestation chick 85mjp
battlestation chick

battlestation normie

battlestation normie f2qjq-s
3360ร—2520 battlestation normie

this guy must be a chemical engineer. Note chemistry books, and periodic table.

battlestation kekistan

battlestation kekistan fyp35
battlestation kekistan

note the Chinese ashtray.

mouse is Logitech G903 Mouse

be careful of the truth 8vr44
be careful of the truth

battlestation hifi baskets

battlestation hifi n8srh
battlestation hifi

old school. Note the stereo system with cassette tape, the hot halogan lamp on the right, and rubic cube. [see Magic Polyhedrons]

the hifi system is wasted, because the speakers are placed too close.

this is not an old photo. Note the mouse with RGB strip led.

battlestation anime girl

battlestation anime girl k34g5
battlestation anime girl k34g5

Nerd Battle Stations