Xah Battle Station

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xah lee keyboards, workstation.

xah battle station 20230324
xah battle station 20230324 Glove80 Keyboard
Note, that's a Ergonomic Kneeling Chair, but i don't actually use it.
xah keyboard 2023-12-25-s1200
xah keyboard 2023-12-25. Kinesis 360 Keyboard, Ultimate Hacking Keyboard V2, Logitech G502 Mouse 2016×1512
xah battle station 20230415 83My3
xah battle station 20230415 83My3 Ultimate Hacking Keyboard V2
xah desk 2021-09-17-s1250
xah desk 2021-09-17
xah kinesis uhk 2021-05-28
2021-05-28 • Ultimate Hacking KeyboardKinesis Advantage2 Keyboard
xah keyboards 20210307 17-s1200
xah keyboards 2021-03-07.
Left column top to bottom: • Truly ErgonomicX-BowsGergogergoplex
Right column top to bottom: • Microsoft SculptKinesis Advantage2Signum

My programable keyboard history.

My programable mouse history of past 10 years:

Fifine mic 202104 283-s1000
Fifine microphone Buying Microphone
Creative Pebble Speakers 20200802 Wndpy
Creative Pebble Speakers. USB Speakers and • Ultimate Hacking KeyboardKinesis Advantage2Logitech G502 Mouse
xahlee gergo 20200121 ysqgk
Gergo Keyboard front
Kinesis Advantage2 Keyboard back
Logitech Trackman Marble
UHK 20191021 qkdr2-s1386x1039
Ultimate Hacking Keyboard
Logitech G502 Mouse
xah desktop 201811 011-s1155x866
Xah desktop 201811 • Logitech M570 TrackballKinesis Advantage2 KeyboardTruly Ergonomic Numeric KeypadLogitech G502 Mouse

upon this system, 13k keystrokes are fed into emacs per day.

xah emacs keylog 2018-11-23 29479
xah emacs keylog 2018-11-23 [full text xah_emacs_keylog_2018-11-23.txt]

[see How Many Words Do You Type a Day?]

UHK xah desktop 2018-12-15 c80d4-s1039x779
UHK xah desktop 2018-12-15
Ultimate Hacking Keyboard
Logitech M570 Trackball
Logitech G502 Mouse
UHK kinesis 20181213 9gn3v
UHK kinesis 20181213
xah battlestation 20170917 34454
xah battlestation 20170917. The towels are used as wrist pads. On the left is Dell Inspiron 15 7559 Spec, 2015
xah keyboard station 20170924 34592
Logitech Trackman MarbleTruly Ergonomic KeyboardKoolertron KeyboardKinesis Advantage2 Keyboard 34592
xah keyboards 20170924 06288
Kinesis Advantage2 Keyboard
xah mouses keyboard 20151102 062053
Year 2015. • CM Storm ReconLogitech Trackman MarbleTruly Ergonomic KeyboardLogitech G600Logitech G700

Xah Battlestation

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