Thumb Keyboard Layouts

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This page collects keyboard layouts for physical keyboards that has dedicated thumb keys, such as • Kinesis Advantage2 KeyboardErgodox Keyboard .

Maltron (~1977)

The Maltron Layout is specially designed for the Maltron Keyboard, a design copied by the more well-known Kinesis Contoured Keyboard .

Maltron keyboard layout US 2624f
Maltron keyboard layout US

The distinguishing feature of Maltron layout is that the key e is positioned for the thumb. You will need a keyboard with a thumb key to use the Maltron layout.

Also, the Maltron layout is more efficient than Dvorak or any other, simply because it places the mostly frequently used key e on the thumb.

[see Maltron vs Dvorak keyboard Layout]

[see Maltron Keyboard]

Kinesis Keyboard Layout

Kinesis Advantage2 QWERTY 2021 5mtQm
Kinesis Advantage Keyboard Layouts

Xah Layout D14

Xah Kinesis Layout d14 2021-05-20
Xah Kinesis Layout d14 2021-05-20 Kinesis/Ergodox Layout for Xah Fly Keys

Standard Gergo Layout

gergo default layout L0 2020-06-21 8kp2x
Gergo Keyboard

Xah Gergo Layout

gergo xah fly keys layout L0 2020-06-27 sjfb2
Xah Gergo Layout

RSTHD (2016)

Created in 2016 by Xuming Zeng. Designed by using a probabilistic algorithm to find optimum. [2021-05-19 ]. Home page at

rsthd layout 3zP9f-2
rsthd layout

Hands Down Layouts (2020)

T-34 Layout (2021)

40percent Keyboard

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