Datadesk Smartboard Keyboard

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The Datadesk Smartboard is around ~2006.

This one is one of the best ergonomic keyboard.

smartboard keyboard
Datadesk Smartboard 〔image source

Note the split space bar key. Excellent.

Also, large Alt and Ctrl keys, symmetrically positioned, right under the thumb.

smartboard keyboard keys
Datadesk Smartboard's mechanical switch. 〔image source

Mechanical key switch!

smartboard keyboard 2
〔image source

Note the non-staggered key layout. Excellent.

The design of this keyboard is:

Best of all, it's only $100. All other ergonomic keybinding with mechanical switches costs at least $220. [see Best Ergonomic Keyboards 2017]

See one review here: [• SmartBoard USB5000 Review By Christopher Turner. At , Accessed on 2011-11-23 ].

This keyboard used to be on Amazon around 2010 or before. According to reviewers at Amazon, the company Datadesk Tech seems to be around as early as 1990s, and the company seems to be one-man running in basement. Not sure if it is still available.

Call them up on their website and see if they still sell it. at (if you do, please leave a comment.)

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