Keyboard: Effect of Mechanical Key Switch on You

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Keyboard key switch mechanism has surprising effect on you. It changes your typing habit. Here's a simple story.

On social networks {g+, Google Reader, Twitter, Facebook}, you can press {j, k} keys to go down/up by post. It's nice, but for some reason i just don't like using it. I was using Microsoft Natural 4000 and Microsoft Natural. Both use rubber dome keys.

now, i'm on Truly Ergonomic Keyboard, it has mechanical keys, and i find that i started to use {j, k} keys for post navigation.

(note: i'm using Dvorak Keyboard Layout, so the {j, k} i'm discussing above is actually at the {c, v} positions of normal QWERTY keyboard.)

QWER mechnical key switch testing kit
Key switch testing kit from (photo by Moritz Ulrich)
Max Keyboard Premium PCB mount Cherry MX Switch, O-Ring and Keycap Sampler Kit

〔➤ Guide to Computer Keyboard Key Switch Mechanisms

the ease of pressing the keys made a difference.

I have used mechanical switch keyboards before. Earliest is 1991, IBM Model M keyboard that came with IBM PS/2. Used it for half a year. My second one is “Matias Tactile” amazon, around 2002. Really nice. I realized the quality in keys just by touch and look, without knowing what “mechanical keyboard” means. Only after 2008 i joined team keyboard freaks.

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