DT225 Trackball

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dt225 trackball-s
• Left, ITAC Mouse-Trak Trackball. • Right, CH Products DT225 trackball 3264×2448 〔image source reddit

The ITAC Mouse-Trak Trackball and the DT225 are the most smooth trackball. That is, they can spin.

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You can find DT225 Trackball online, going for about $300.

CH Products DT225 USB trackball

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Ball Size

DT225 trackball ball diameter is ~57mm

rose quartz 1.25 inch sphere ball
Trackball Ball Sizes and Replacement

dt225 trackball inside roller 97655
DT225 trackball inside, the rollers. 〔image source imgur, by Ripster, 2015-07-09〕
dt225 trackball led mod 43662
• left, L-Trac Trackball
• middle, modified SpaceNavigator 3d Mouse with Selectric Typeball
• right, a modified DT225 with led light.
〔image source imgur, by Ripster, 2015-07-09〕


If you don't want to spend few hundred dollars, your best bet is probably

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Kensington Expert Mouse trackball wireless
Kensington Expert Mouse
CST25455W glow trackball

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