Best Ergonomic Keyboards for Small Hands

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .

List of best ergonomic keyboards that's good for smaller hands, such as female or Asian's hands.

They are actually all standard size, except the Esrille New keyboard from Japan, which comes in small size model.

Kinesis Edge

kinesis freestyle edge keyboard f891e
Kinesis Edge


ly092 mini keyboard 6fd4a

Microsoft Sculpt

Microsoft sculpt ergonomic keyboard 80140
Microsoft Sculpt

These are ok. But for prolonged typing, you probably don't want shallow keys.

Microsoft Surface


tn 306x204 keyboardio m1 rgb 44488


Esrille New

Esrille keyboard 40445
Esrille New

Thes is perhaps the most comfortable, invented by and for Japanese.

They have 2 sizes, 1 standard and 1 for Asian sized hands.

Very expensive.

Mistel Barocco

mistel barocco ergonomic split keyboard
Mistel Barocco

Not bad. But no function keys, no arrow keys. And Alt is not under c and v. Meaning, you have to curl in thumb more.


typematrix keyboard 2030 29175 s

For travel use, this is ok.

Avoid flat shallow keyboard for prolonged use.

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