Hyper 7 Keyboard

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Hyper 7 Keyboard is a Do It Yourself keyboard.

hyper 7 keyboard 9613f s2085x691
Hyper 7 Keyboard 3810×1262 [image source https://www.reddit.com/r/MechanicalKeyboards/comments/8qaynn/endgame_achieved/]

Hyper 7 Keyboard is inspired from Symbolics Space-Cadet Keyboard and Lisp Machine Keyboards

Total key count: 213.

Also note the extremely tiny space bar.

[see Tiny Space Bar on Japanese Keyboards]

hyper 7 keyboard e10d9 s1386x1039
[image source https://imgur.com/a/Z8pIW]
hyper 7 keyboard c88df s1386x1039
hyper 7 keyboard tq8v2
hyper 7 keyboard d4c3c s1386x1039

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