History of Keyboard Mechanical Switches

By Xah Lee. Date: .

A Brief History Keyboard Mechanical Switches, 1990 to 2024

In the 1990s and 2000s, there were just 5 or so popular key swiches. Cherry MX Switches, brown blue red black, and rare ones like white, yellow. And classic Buckling Spring Key Switch, and classic Topre Switch. And few esoteric ALPS Switch.

Around 2015, the CHERRY MX patent expired. There start to have lots CHERRY MX compatible clones, from China.

Around 2016, there starting to be some slightly improved variations of CHERRY MX, e.g. zealio switch, Kailh BOX Switch.

Also around 2016, there are a few completely new innovative designs. e.g. Romer-G Switch, Bloody LK Optical switch, Outemu Optical Switch

Around 2019, low profile switch with CHERRY MX compatible stem became popular. e.g. Kailh Choc Switch

Starting about 2021, there are now maybe a hundred variations of CHERRY MX, bearing fruit names or nature names or animal names. Because Hot-Swappable Key-Switch Socket became popular.

gateron key switches 2024-04-17-s700
gateron key switches 2024-04-17
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epomaker switches 2024-04-17