Keyboard: Matias Mini Tactile Pro Review

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A number-pad-less (aka tenkey-less) keyboard with interesting features, the Matias Mini Tactile Pro keyboard, especially designed for Apple's Mac users.

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Matias Mini Tactile Pro keyboard 1960×1060 amazon

Here's interesting features:

• Mechanical switch. (“ALPS-inspired design”). 〔➤ Guide to Computer Keyboard Key Switch Mechanisms

• Unicode characters printed on the keys, to be used with Mac's ⌥ Opt to type these characters. This is fantastic, because now you can easily type it without having to turn on Keyboard Viewer to find where is the char you want. 〔➤ Mac OS X Keyboard Viewer and Unicode

• Compact design, no number pad keys. If you don't like number pad keys, this is excellent.

• Laser etched keys. They don't wear off.

• 3 extra USB ports.

The keyboard is standard USB keyboard, so it can be used for any of {Microsoft Windows, Mac, Linux}. (when you shop, they have both PC and Mac versions, the different is just the position of the {⌘ Cmd, ❖ Win} and {⌥ Opt, Alt}. In anycase, it's trivial to use software to swap their positions.

For tools, see:

matias mini tactile pro 1-m
Matias Mini Tactile Pro keyboard. amazon

〈Matias Laptop Mechanical Keyboard〉 amazon

If you like compact keyboard with mechanical key switch, there are several alternatives. See: Keyboards without Numeric Keypad.

The Matias Tactile Pro Extended Full Sized Keyboard

they also have full-sized versions: 〔〈The Matias Tactile Pro Keyboard〉 amazon

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