Logitech G900 Mouse

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Logitech bills it as β€œProfessional Grade Wired/Wireless Gaming Mouse”.

Logitech G900 mouse 1
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2 buttons on each side, plus 2 buttons on top. A total of 6 extra buttons.

Wireless, with charger.

Logitech G900 mouse 2zb9h-s896x547
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not too heavy, only 110 grams.

[see Mouse Weight Comparison]

Logitech G900 - World's Best Wireless Gaming Mouse!


Note: there's a newer version, G903. The difference is that the g903 has optional weight, and support the powerplay, which is a wireless charging mouse pad.


No buy. Because:

You better off buying a dedicated right-handed mouse, such as the

logitech g502 mouse 2-s330x189
Logitech G502 Proteus

Which gives you much more buttons you can actually use with right thumb.

Or, get this wireless:

Battery lasts you months.

Or if you really want light, get this one, only 80 grams, symmetric with usable buttons on both sides at top:

If you are really awkward lefty, get a lefty mouse, such as Razer's left-handed gaming mouse.