Logitech G900 Gaming Mouse

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Logitech bills it as “Professional Grade Wired/Wireless Gaming Mouse”.

Logitech G900 mouse 1
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2 buttons on each side, plus 2 buttons on top. A total of 6 extra buttons.

Logitech G900 mouse 2
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Wireless, with charger.

lite-weight, only 110 grams.

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Now, video.

Logitech G900 - World's Best Wireless Gaming Mouse!

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No buy. Because:

You better off buying a dedicated right-handed mouse, such as the

Logitech G502 Proteus

which gives you much more buttons you can actually use with right thumb.

or, get

Logitech G700s

if you want wireless with charger, and more button too.

Or, get this wireless:

Logitech G602

battery lasts you months.

or if you really want light, get this one, only 80 grams, symmetric with usable buttons on both sides at top:

Logitech G300s

if you are really awkward lefty, get a lefty mouse, such as Razer's left-handed gaming mouse.

Left Handed Mouse