Why You Need 7 Buttons Mouse?

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Basic mouse today has 3 buttons: left, middle (wheel), right. Many mouses today have 5 buttons, by adding 2 extra buttons for the thumb, usually for browser {forward, backward} page.

But many gaming mouses sport 7 or more buttons. Why do you need it?

Logitech G700 mouse software
my mouse buttons setup.

In order of importance:

That's 7 buttons already.

To be pampered, you'll also want:

That's 12 buttons.

Then, there's desire. You desire:

Tilt wheel. Once in a few days, you need to side scroll a large image, or view code snippet inside a tiny scrollable inner window. Tilt wheel is easier and faster than dragging the side scroll bar. Tilt wheel counts as 2 buttons.

{Left, Right} side-scrolling isn't needed often. So, a more efficient setup is to set the {Left, Right} tilt as 2 buttons.

Logitech's Spin Wheel. This is actually critical in Linux, because X11 doesn't support accelerated scroll. 〔➤ Logitech Mouse with Spin Wheel

DPI Resolution switch. Usually, there are 2 buttons for this. This is quite important in some games. For example, in first-person shooter games, when you snipe someone far away, reducing resolution helps aiming significantly. If you do a lot 3D modeling work, it can be also very useful.

Best Hundred-Buttons Mouse

Logitech G600 mouse 2
“Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse” amazon

There are many mouses with 7+ buttons. See: Computer Mouse, Trackball, Input Devices

Tips for Button Assignment

There are more functions than there are mouse buttons. Here's some tips in button assignment.

First of all, the most important tip for assigning buttons is to put the most frequently used function to the most easy-to-press buttons.

The most needed commands are, roughly from most needed to least:

Here's some tips.

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