Why You Need 9 Buttons Mouse?

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Basic mouse today has 3 buttons: left, middle (wheel), right. Many mouses today have 5 buttons, by adding 2 extra buttons for the thumb, usually for browser {forward, backward} page.

But many gaming mouses sport 9 or more buttons. Why do you need it?

You need:

That's 8 buttons already.

To be pampered, you'll also want:

That's 13 buttons.

Then, there's desire. You desire:

aim with radar 017
Sniping in first-person shooter. 〔➤ Xah Combat Aim Radar

Counting the Buttons

When shopping for a mouse, you have to watch out the button count, and count the ones that'd be actually useful for your own customization.

Usually, mouse makers count all things that sends a signal. For example, they count wheel tilt as 2 buttons. And, the standard {left, middle, right} are counted as 3 buttons.

Logitech G9x mouse
Logitech G9x mouse. amazon

For example, the Logitech G9x. They count as 9 programable buttons.

but actually, for this mouse, only the 2 buttons for thumb is practically useful as custom buttons. All other buttons have important pre-defined functions. If you redefine them, you lose that important function.

Best Hundred-Buttons Mouse

Logitech G600 mouse 2
“Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse” amazon

There are quite a few mouses with more than 7 buttons. See: Best Mouse for Programers: 17 Buttons.

Tips for Button Assignment

There are more functions than there are mouse buttons. Here's some tips in button assignment.

First of all, the most important tip for assigning buttons is to put the most frequently used function to the most easy-to-press buttons.

The most needed commands are, roughly from most needed to least:

Here's some tips.

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