Python: Builtin Help

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .

pydoc Command

In terminal type pydoc to get started. It'll print a summary of how to use it.

For python 3, type pydoc3.

Type f to page down, b to page up, q to exit.

For example, type:

pydoc while
Language keyword, function.
pydoc dict
Language objects.
pydoc re
Module/package doc.
pydoc 2019-03-12 d8hg2
pydoc 2019-03-12

help() function

Or, in terminal, start Python by python, then type help(). Type exit to exit.

Note: in Ubuntu Linux, as of , there's a bug that both pydoc modules will crash Python. Use python3 instead. sudo apt-get install python3.



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