Geometry: Gallery of Surfaces

Differential Equations, Mechanics, and Computation

Minimal Surfaces

Over 30 minimal surfaces (constant mean curvature of 0).

Non-Orientable surfaces

Surfaces showing the Projective Plane

Spherical Surfaces (K = 1)

Pseudospherical surfaces (K = -1)

CMC Surfaces (H = 1)

Conics Surfaces


Famous Algebraic Surfaces

Computer Graphics Toy Surfaces

The following surfaces have no mathematical significance. They are more for the looks.


Programs and supporting files used on this site.

References and related websites


Almost all the images and surface data on this site are from Richard Palais's 3D-XplorMath software. I like to thank Richard for much of his personal help and encouragement over the years. I also like to thank Hermann Karcher for his help and some of his math expositions used on this website.

See also: A Visual Dictionary of Special Plane Curves

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