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Google auto log you into the Google Chrome

Google Do Evil

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Understand ASCII Control Characters

here's ASCII Characters

as scientific programer, I wasn't too familiar with it for the first 10 years coding with Mathematica, in 1990s. Then from 1998 to ~2007, i did java, perl, python, php. Still don't know ascii control sequence much, except line feed (aka newline), form feed, horizontal tab, carriage return.

But as you code more or touch low level issues, you have to know it well. e.g. even in JavaScript golang

why is ascii important? because when you do networking, protocols, terminal, IO, file encoding, or even syntax detail of programing languages, understanding ASCII control sequences becomes critical.

Stack Overflow offline 2011-08-06 6Kx45
Stack Overflow offline 2011-08-06 6Kx45

here's some issues related to ASCII.

note, ASCII is part of Unicode. In utf8 encoding, any file in ASCII encoding is 100% same with utf8, if the file does not contain non-ascii chars such as ∑ α → 😂

note that, the need to understand ASCII is one thing, meanwhile, there are lots programers, typically mono-lang American, who have phobia towards any non-ascii character. They insist, that programing language source code should not contain ANY char that keyboard cannot type directly.

[see Problems of Symbol Congestion in Computer Languages; ASCII Jam vs Unicode]

emacs dev Alan Mackenzie is one such person, and many others in emacs dev list. They, resulted a damage to emacs around 2016. So that now emacs function doc string has the complexity of going thru transformation, instead of “curly quote” directly.

it is Alan Mackenzie, who did the deed. after hundreds of flamewar messages, then, it is Richard Stallman, sealed the damage. rms was not a emacs maintainer at the time, and supposedly he does not have the authority for final decision on anything none political. Maintainer was Stefan Monnier

what's the problem of using some form of encoding for none ascii chars?

Using encoded form is unreadable when you have lots of them. And it adds complexity of a transformation step.

e.g. in math, → ∑ α etc. not → ∑ α etc in html.

or worse in TeX escape or \xhhhh \xhhhhhh in many langs.

or consider euro lang. é and other. Basically, when you have several of that in a sentence, using encoded form is not practical. you have unreadability, and complexity of conversion, which easily go wrong, e.g. encoded/decoded twice.

imagine, if Spanish people had to write niña by niña or ni\x00f1a. Or French has to read télé from télé or t\x00e9l\x00e9. That is what programers who insist on ascii-only source code r asking.

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Great Software for Windows ancient list.

as you blog and time marches on, pages become a record of history.

best thing for a nerd fanny pack

when coding JavaScript, do you prefer 'single' or "double" quote for string by default?

vote on twitter


js single vs double quote 2018-10-23 d72c7
js single vs double quote 2018-10-23

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SQLite code of conduct 2018-10-22
SQLite code of conduct 2018-10-22 source https://www.sqlite.org/codeofconduct.html


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Programing Language Idiocy: Bit Operators (on its own page)

Necessity of Operator Overload in Computer Languages (on its own page)

w3c dead link


dead links record trail:

when you learn a programing language, do you watch video lecture/presentation?

xah twitter video or text poll 2018-10-19
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ML stands for?

when i see the abbreviation ML, i think of Meta Language, the grand daddy of SML, CaML, OCaML, FSharp, Clean, Miranda, Haskell. ML were invented for automated theorem proving. Machine learning?? you mean like smart guessing?

brave browser still have the bug, where sometimes the url field shows the url from a different tab

What is Function, What is Operator? (repost)

new book. The Little Typer

new book. The Little Typer Buy at amazon 2018, By Daniel Friedman et al.

Friedman is one of the top lang researcher. He's 74 now. So am not sure he's actually the main author.

Friedman wrote a series of books titled “Little Schemer”, “Little Java”, “Little Prover”, “Little MLer” etc. Daniel P Friedman Books I read Little Java back in 2000. Wasn't comprehensible to me. I never liked these story-telling style books.

why not perl6?

why not perl6 2018-10-16 f026d
why not perl6 2018-10-16

Proliferation of Programing Languages

you can buy a slingshot, to shoot down drones slingshot

typed vs untyped lang

now am of the opinion that programing languages should be typed. (modern system, eg golang. not C, C++, Java). When younger, i thought it should not, cuz i considered typing as by-product of compiler.

in some sense, typing is a unwanted by-product of computer engineering aka compiler. and, it was so, up to 2000. However, with different perspective, a proper type system, is like a good property of logic system. For programing language, it improves correctness, bring clarity.

there are exceptions. e.g. Mathematica (aka wolfram lang), where the computation model mostly is a symbolic term rewriting system. So, typing system does not apply. (btw, lisp is almost the same, except lispers since 1990 are extreme idiots. they r C coders in paren clothing.)

Golang: string match any regexp

Computer Language Popularity, 1997 to 2006

Scripting: Higher Level Programming for the 21st Century

What is Expressiveness in Programing Languages

Google Code Prettify and Ampersand Encoding

Chinese abacus. they have 2 beads on top, 5 below. i never learned their exact function of the “extra” beads. In Taiwan, we grew up with Japanese style, 1 on top, 4 at bottom.


more pic https://twitter.com/Echinanews/status/1050284413504774144

but apparently, the 2 5 setup allows computation with hexadecimal, which is a traditional chinese weight system.

Syntax Design: Python's Indentation vs Nesting

interesting that D lang is still going. “Alexandrescu (i think he's 2nd in D language dev) worked as a research scientist at Facebook, before departing the company in August 2015 in order to focus on developing the D programming language.”

google shutting down google plus

google shutting down google plus, over the next 10 months.

since google began Google Plus in 2011, i'd say it marks the year google goes evil. then, its worse and worse, starting with greed, to now heavy censorship and explicit and blatant political gaming.

a great sadness to witness google over the decades. we helped google succeed back in 2000, since it was the company that does no evil, different from all others.

Python 3 Adoption

added a realistic survey by jetbrains

old writing, new page. work in progress

Perl: Sort Misc

Perl: Send Email

Programing Problem: Construct a Tree Given Its Edges

Google-code-prettify Example

to read https://getstream.io/blog/how-a-go-program-compiles-down-to-machine-code/

Programing Language and Its Machine (to be expanded)

Chinese spy chip found in Apple Amazon server motherboards, said.



Apple's response https://www.apple.com/newsroom/2018/10/what-businessweek-got-wrong-about-apple/

Amazon's response https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/security/setting-the-record-straight-on-bloomberg-businessweeks-erroneous-article/

stupid ipad. i have a old ipad. when viewing some page , requiring 100+ pushes to scroll down. Is there a way to drag the scroll bar?

on android, when u swipe fast, the page flies like on wheels. On iPad iOS, it's like stuck in some viscous shet. i think iOS UI is idiotic.