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xah talk show, 2019-02-28. on lisp machine keyboard, razer keyboard, lisp history, unix philosophy

this is a wild ride. On razer keyboard, optical switch, lisp machines, lisp, richard stallman, esr, ewd, Guy Steele, larry wall, Guido, Paul graham, Anders Hejlsberg, UNIX Philosophy, worse is better. #emacs #perl #python

this is a wild ride

XahTV 2019-02-27, second life, chaos theory, linden script language, and stuff
unicode arabic 2019-02-25 dkxcs
Unicode Arabic ش
unicode devanagari 2019-02-25 rr58n
Unicode Devanagari अ
unicode cuneiform dscp8
Unicode Cuneiform 𒁷
unicode tibetan wc66q
Unicode Tibetan ࿓

Microsoft ditched sha1. What's the git's situation?



confused by sha-1, cryptography hash function? see Public-Key Cryptography for Beginner

HTML6, JSON SXML Simplified

old article

Xah Talk Show. 2019-02-22. Programing Languages, Lisp, Homoiconicity, Haskell, Syntax, Semantics, Formal Language

itching to do a video stream. gosh i really need to get vid going daily. like this if you like to see more. So many topics i can talk non stop. emacs, programing, hacker cult, to other thing such as chinese, linguistics, philosophy...

and always be yourself, because, being yourself, gives you the most power, most performance.

Xah Talk Show. 2019-02-22. Programing Languages, Lisp, Homoiconicity, Haskell, Syntax, Semantics, Formal Language.

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Python 2 and Python 3 Difference

xah thanks 2019-02-17 2v3r4
xah thanks 2019-02-17

Python 3 Adoption added more articles.

fuck python. fuck easy_install pip mess. fuck python2 python3. fuck passive aggressive semi-formal i-know-comp-sci Guido. Fuck python comp sci Я us inflexible priests tower community fuck.

python beautifulsoup 2019-02-18 ctpzj
python beautifulsoup 2019-02-18

Here's collection rants i've written. They go way back to 2006. Why Python Sucks

Python: What's PyPi, pip, easy_install, setuptools?

djsumdog @djsumdog@hitchhiker.social 2019-02-18 wrote:

@xahlee Never use sudo pip or sudo easy_install . I don't know why it's in all the manuals. Always use: pip install --user ← that USER is super important. You should never let pip or cargo or any other language manager ever touch your system packages. gem also has a gem install --user which you should use to. You can always wipe/reset your home directory. The system is much more difficult.

this is a new python distro, suggested to me https://www.anaconda.com/distribution/

Lena then and now fwbzb
Lena then and now

old stuff. temp here.

Python Surpassed Perl In Popularity

Python: Web Crawler

Linux: Download Website: wget, curl (updated)

python logo history 4xsyx
python logo history

Lisp Needs a Logo (old article. checked links.)

Python: Find Replace in a Dir

full featured find/replace code in python.

Unicode Screenshots

Unicode Stars 🌟

and much other update on unicode pages. Removed screenshot from each page, because that doesn't seem to be what people want.

Linux: Compare Files or Directory: diff (minor update)

Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs-s208x301
Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs


xah thanks 2019-02-08 mm6jh
xah thanks 2019-02-08

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Unicode Hand Gestures 👍 added screenshots

An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of Ugliness of Software Tech (repost)

lang attribute in html 2019-02-07 qmyy8
lang attribute in html 2019-02-07

URL Percent Encoding and Unicode (major update.)

Unicode, Encoding, Escape Sequence, Issues

new nav box.

Python: GET Webpage Content (minor update)

Computer Network Tutorial (new nav box)

Why Python Doc Sucks (new nav box)

new nav box.

File Sharing How To

new nav box. some are still pending review.

Python Syntax Problem: Comment and Backslash (repost)

Pretty Girl on AlphaZero Chess

watch this girl Anna Rudolf, explains chess of AlphaZero. There exist such amazing and beautiful people in this world.

AlphaZero's Attacking Chess by Anna Rudolf Premiered Dec 6, 2018
anna rudolf on chess ae6ef-s