Bepo Layout (French)

By Xah Lee. Date: .

Bepo Layout

Bépo is a ergonomic layout for French.

Bépo is a community effort to improve upon the Dvorak-fr, started in that mailing list in 2003. draft version came out in 2005, first published in 2007.

on 2019, French gov made bepo an official french layout, standard named “NF Z71-300 norm/v1.1”, together with the New AZERTY French Keyboard Layout (2019)

bepo layout 1.1
BÉPO layout [image source 2022-01-06]

Bépo has inverted number row, like all French Keyboard Layouts.

Bépo home page at

Fun Image from Bepo Discord

bepo layout Hr33Q
bepo layout Hr33Q
bepo layout t63wF
bepo layout t63wF

Bepo Layout Heatmap on French Language

bepo layout 2024-04-27
bepo layout heatmap on French language 2024-04-27

Bepo Keyboard

typematrix keyboard 2030-10891
TypeMatrix 2030 keyboard with a rubber cover showing the Bépo Layout.
[see TypeMatrix Keyboard]
Buy at amazon (photo by Antoine Turmel at flickr © [] )

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