French Keyboard Ergonomic Layout

By Xah Lee. Date: .

Here's a list of ergonomic keyboard layout for the French language.

For standard French layout, see French Keyboard Layout

Dvorak-fr layout

Dvorak-fr is a ergonomic layout for French.

Dvorak-fr appeared in 2002.

  * 12345 67890 +%
  _ =/-è\ ^(`)" []

    :’ég. hvcmk z¨
    oaueb fstnd w~
  à ;q,iy xrlpj

Dvorak-fr is based on Dvorak ideas.

[see Dvorak Keyboard Layout]

Dvorak-fr has 2 other variations. “Dvorak-fr-e” for entering all euro lang characters. “Dvorak-fr-k” for the Kinesis Contoured Keyboard.

[see Kinesis Advantage2 Keyboard Review]

Dvorak-fr home page at


Bépo is a ergonomic layout for French.

bepo keyboard layout
bepo keyboard layout

Bépo has inverted number row.

Bépo is a later invention than Dvorak-fr. It claims to improve on Dvorak-fr layout, and is more well marketed.

Bépo home page at


Bvofrak is ergonomic layout for French. It's based on Dvorak-fr and Bépo.

It has several different versions for different keyboard.

bvofrak layout pc keyboard
Bvofrak layout for standard PC keyboard
bvofrak layout truly ergonomic keyboard
Bvofrak layout for Truly Ergonomic Keyboard
bvofrak layout typematrix
Bvofrak layout for TypeMatrix Keyboard

There's even a version for English.

Bvofrak home page at

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