French Ergonomic Keyboard Layouts: dvorak-fr, bepo, bvofrak

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Here is a list of ergonomic keyboard layout for the French language.

For standard French layout, see French Keyboard Layouts

Dvorak-fr layout

Dvorak-fr is a ergonomic layout for French. It appeared in 2002.

dvorak french layout fdrzg
Dvorak French Layout


[see Dvorak Keyboard Layout]

Dvorak-fr has a variation β€œDvorak-fr-k” for the Kinesis Advantage2 Keyboard .

Dvorak-fr is designed by Francis Leboutte, home page at

BΓ©po Layout


Bvofrak is ergonomic layout for French. It's based on Dvorak-fr and BΓ©po.

It has several different versions for different keyboard.

bvofrak layout keyboard 013
Bvofrak layout for standard keyboard
bvofrak layout truly ergonomic keyboard
Bvofrak layout for Truly Ergonomic Keyboard
bvofrak layout typematrix
Bvofrak layout for TypeMatrix Keyboard

There's even a version for English.

Bvofrak home page at

International Layouts

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