French Keyboard Layout

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There are 2 popular keyboard layouts for French language.

French AZERTY Layout

french keyboard layout 2017 04 30
French (AZERTY) keyboard layout. Red are a dead keys. image source

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Canadian French Layout

Canadian French kbd
Canadian French keyboard layout. image source

The Canadian French layout is based on QWERTY layout.

Keyboard with French Layout

jelly comb keyboard french azerty 11754
French AZERTY keyboard.
apple keyboard french canadian layout 33409
Apple MacBook Pro laptop keyboard, French Canadian Layout. 〔image source

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Alternative French Layouts

There are a few ergonomic layouts for French.

Dvorak-fr layout

  * 12345 67890 +%
  _ =/-è\ ^(`)" []

    :’ég. hvcmk z¨
    oaueb fstnd w~
  à ;q,iy xrlpj

Dvorak-fr is based on Dvorak.

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Dvorak-fr has inverted number row.

Dvorak-fr appeared in 2002.

Dvorak-fr has 2 other variations. “Dvorak-fr-e” for entering all euro lang characters. “Dvorak-fr-k” for the Kinesis Contoured Keyboard.

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Dvorak-fr home page at


Bépo is a ergonomic layout for French.

bepo keyboard layout
bepo keyboard layout

Bépo has inverted number row.

Bépo is a later invention than Dvorak-fr. It claims to improve some problems in Dvorak-fr, and is more well marketed.

Bépo home page at


Bvofrak is ergonomic French layout. It's based on Dvorak-fr and Bépo.

It has several different versions for different keyboard.

bvofrak layout pc keyboard
Bvofrak layout for standard PC keyboard
bvofrak layout truly ergonomic keyboard
Bvofrak layout for Truly Ergonomic Keyboard
bvofrak layout typematrix
Bvofrak layout for TypeMatrix Keyboard

There's even a version for English.

Bvofrak home page at

French Letter Frequency and Keyboard Layout

French Letter Frequency and Keyboard Layout

How Do French People Type the Accents?

I asked a native French friend how French people type those accents. Here's his reply.

how do french people type those accents?

most people use AZERTY's accents on the first row: 2=é 7=è 9=ç 0=à for the rest there is "ù"key beside "m" and ¨e=ë ˆe=ê …

using dvorak on osx i use the associative chars [`´¨ˆˆ]+[aoeui] ; I'm not sure how to do it on windows/linux.

all the people i know.Engineers/scientists tend to stick with AZERTY,while some geeks/coders are using QWERTY/Maltron.some authors=BEPO


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when in online chat, do people bother to type é è à etc properly? or do they just use e a?

Depends on the person but most of the time they type the accents, even when it's not really useful like: 'télé'(TV)

it seems awful to type all those accents. Is there some auto-add-accent in word processor or such?

I'm amazed how French are not annoyed by having to always go upthere. In word proccessors yes Auto-correct takes care of invariable accents.

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