HERTAO ๅคš้”ฎ้ผ ๆ ‡, Mechanical Key Switches Mouse

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Hertao mouse, came out around 2021 or before.

It got an innovation of using computer keyboard's mechanical key switches , as mouse buttons.

hertao mouse 20230507 zPrBB
Hertao mouse 20230507 zPrBB
hertao mouse 20230507 j6kw9
Hertao mouse and Logitech G502 Mouse
hertao mouse 20230507 114635668
Hertao mouse 20230507 114635668

Top Buttons Default Functions

The default function of the top buttons are

hertao mouse buttons 20230507
Hertao mouse top buttons

Mouse Wheel

The mouse wheel is on the side, and you turn it with your left thumb, by moving it up down. Very awkward. Also, the wheel is slippery.

hertao mouse wheel dJFwG
hertao mouse wheel
hertao mouse 2021-11-05 XQNK
Hertao mouse 2021-11-05 XQNK

Side Buttons

the side buttons on left are


They are very hard to press. Requires a lot force.

hertao mouse side 20230507 BVBWj
Hertao mouse side 20230507 BVBWj

Right Side Buttons (DPI and Backlight Color)

hertao mouse right side 20230507
hertao mouse right side
hertao mouse NMyS
Logitech MX Master Mouse (2015) vs Hertao mouse

Key Switches

The key switches are hot-swappable. [see Hot-Swappable Key-Switch Socket] By default, they are Kailh BOX Switch

hertao mouse key switch yDvRq
hertao mouse key switch

Programable Buttons

The buttons can be programed. you need to download their software. But i have not tried.

hertao mouse CwbG
Hertao mouse CwbG

Marketing Blurbs

hertao mouse MkQp
hertao mouse MkQp
hertao mouse xcQk
hertao mouse xcQk
Xah Talk Show 2021-11-10 Mouse Efficiency and Why Linux Tiling Window Manager Sucks, Wayland


Good idea. But the mouse wheel is bad. Work around is to program two top keys as page up/down.

Also the left side buttons are too heavy, making them useless.

The top buttons are very nice. You can program them to be browser functions. Example:

Where to Buy

Thanks to jamesni for gifting me this mouse.

Mechanical Key Switches Mouse