Xah Shorthand System

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xtodo work in progress

Xah Shorthand System, Intro

Massive new era keyboard based shorthand system in the works.

xah shorthand system 2023-01-07
xah shorthand system 2023-01-07

General Scheme on Xah Shorthand System

some general scheme on abbrev design. this is written and eddited as i go over the years working on xah abbrev system casually.

the following is English phoneme based on Unicode: Shavian Alphabet 𐑕

Xah Talk Show 2022-02-02

Xah Talk Show 2022-02-02 Emacs Xah Wolfram Mode, Xah Shorthand System, Why Steno Sucks, Why OpenGL Sucks

Keybinding and Input-System