Xah Shorthand System

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xah shorthand system 2022-01-12
xah shorthand system 2022-01-12

Massive new era keyboard based shorthand system in the works. Image. We have the pitman shorthand system. Which is based on phonetics, and for hand writing. Then we have the shavian alphabet, based on it. We have steno, which is based on part phonetics, chording hardware, and part ad hoc. Am slowly designing a keyboard based shorthand system. Single key press at the time, not chord, and for pc keyboard. Btw, the statistically based input system word completion on phone is similar. Tons of phrases and sentences, are repeated, most frequently used. Look at it this way: in typing study, the idiotic nerds has bigrams and sometimes trigrams. But they never thought of phrase grams and sentence grams. These, are basically what the machine learning statistics based system on phone is. Which, saves typing by phrase and sentences, that's a magnitude more would be than a phonetic system (such as steno), or whatever the nerd bigram trigrams. The first easy step, in this xah system, is for each word in dict, shorten them to just consanant letters. And, also, rectify them, so k instead c. For example, word becoms w. Time and times both became t. Communication becomes kmnks. Now, u have maybe 1 thousand such abbrev words. Many will stand for multiple words. Now, look at frequency of those words, pick the most frequently used on for that abbrev. Now, this system, as it is, would be already very significant. After than, u refine it, by, look at the top 300 most used english words. For each that doesn't already have a abbrev, add one, by devising some scheme so they r diff from the phonetic abbrev. Also, is to look at most frequently used phrases, of 2 to 5 words. Similar, device a scheme to abbrev them so they r differentiated from the phonetic abbrev.

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