Linux: Xfce Keyboard Shortcuts

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The following are the default Xfce keys. (latest public Xfce version as of )

The config file is at ~/.config/xfce4/xfconf/xfce-perchannel-xml/xfce4-keyboard-shortcuts.xml

Window Manipulation Keys

Alt+Spacewindow operations menu
EscapeDismiss/cancel dialog
Alt+TabSwitch to next window. With Shift for previous.
Super+Tabnext window of current app.
Alt+F4Close window
Alt+F7Move window
Alt+F8Resize window
Alt+F9Hide window
Alt+F10Maximize window
Alt+Shift+Page Up】 【Alt+Shift+Page DownRaise/lower window
Alt+F11Toggle fullscreen
Alt+F12Toggle above
Ctrl+Alt+dshow desktop

Move Window to Workspace (virtual screen)

Alt+F6stick window (show in all workspace)
Ctrl+Alt+Endmove window to next workspace
Ctrl+Alt+Homemove window to previous workspace
Ctrl+Alt+numpad 1Move window to workspace 1
Ctrl+Alt+numpad 2Move window to workspace 2

Switching Workspace

Ctrl+Alt+】 【Ctrl+Alt+Next/Previous workspace
Ctrl+Alt+upper workspace
Ctrl+Alt+bottom workspace
Ctrl+Alt+left workspace
Ctrl+Alt+right workspace
Ctrl+F1goto workspace 1
Ctrl+F2goto workspace 2
Alt+InsertAdd a workspace
Alt+⌦ DeleteDelete last workspace
Ctrl+Alt+⌦ DeleteLock the screen


Super+p】 【XF86Displayxfce4-display-settings --minimal
Ctrl+EscapeShow Context Menu. xfdesktop --menu
Ctrl+Alt+⌦ Deletelock screen. xflock4
Alt+F2Start prompt to run command. xfrun4

How to Change Keys

You can change the keys in Settings control panel. Launch it by xfce4-settings-manager.

xfce window manager keys panel 2017 02 04
xfce window manager keys panel 2017-02-04.
xfce keyboard setting panel 2017 02 04
xfce keyboard setting panel, default keys. 2017-02-04

Mouse Wheel

You can set mouse so that hover will activate the window (put focus on it and bring it to front). Set in the Window Manager preference pane.

Tip: One Workspace

To make it simpler, set workspace to just 1, and turn off all keys about workspace. And just define a few, single-key, function keys, to close window or switch to your most frequently used app. Example:

For how to switch to a app, see: How to Set Key to Switch to Browser.

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