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xfce desktop screenshot 2012-10-15
xfce desktop

The following are the default Xfce keys. (Xfce version 4.8, as of )

Window Manipulation Keys

【Alt+Space】window operations menu
【Esc】Dismiss/cancel dialog
【Alt+Tab ↹】Switch to next window. With ⇧ Shift for previous.
【❖ Super+Tab ↹】next window of current app.
【Alt+F4】Close window
【Alt+F7】Move window
【Alt+F8】Resize window
【Alt+F9】Hide window
【Alt+F10】Maximize window
【Alt+⇧ Shift+β‡žΒ Page △】 【Alt+⇧ Shift+β‡ŸΒ Page ▽】Raise/lower window
【Alt+F11】Toggle fullscreen
【Alt+F12】Toggle above
【Ctrl+Alt+d】show desktop

Move Window to Workspace (virtual screen)

【Alt+F6】stick window (show in all workspace)
【Ctrl+Alt+β†˜Β End】move window to next workspace
【Ctrl+Alt+β†–Β Home】move window to previous workspace
【Ctrl+Alt+numpad 1】Move window to workspace 1
【Ctrl+Alt+numpad 2】Move window to workspace 2

Switching Workspace

【Ctrl+Alt+→】 【Ctrl+Alt+←】Next/Previous workspace
【Ctrl+Alt+↑】upper workspace
【Ctrl+Alt+↓】bottom workspace
【Ctrl+Alt+←】left workspace
【Ctrl+Alt+→】right workspace
【Ctrl+F1】goto workspace 1
【Ctrl+F2】goto workspace 2
【Alt+Insert】Add a workspace
【Alt+⌦ Delete】Delete last workspace
【Ctrl+Alt+⌦ Delete】Lock the screen


【❖ Super+p】 【XF86Display】 xfce4-display-settings --minimal
【Ctrl+Esc】Show Context Menu. xfdesktop --menu
【Ctrl+Alt+⌦ Delete】lock screen. xflock4
【Alt+F2】Start prompt to run command. xfrun4

How to Change Keys

You can change the keys in Settings control panel. Launch it by xfce4-settings-manager.

xfce keyboard setting panel 2013-06-01
xfce keyboard setting panel

Mouse Wheel

You can set mouse so that hover will activate the window (put focus on it and bring it to front). Set in the Window Manager preference pane.

Tip: One Workspace

To make it simpler, set workspace to just 1, and turn off all keys about workspace. And just define a few, single-key, function keys, to close window or switch to your most frequently used app. Example:

For how to switch to a app, see: Keyboard Tip: One Key to Switch to {Firefox, Emacs, Terminal}.

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