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1+2+3+4+… = -1/12, Ramanujan's Sum 📺

ugh, another idiocy of TeX legacy

see http://mathquill.com/. It's cool and all, but note the syntax. Quote:

MathQuill renders LaTeX math … try \sqrt x, try \sin\theta

when you want square root or sin etc, why cannot we simply write Sqrt[x^2+y^2] and let that be the syntax? why the backslash syntax soup?

the damage of TeX, like unix, is deep and pervasive. It's free, like cig given to children, washed people's brain. It's so rooted that people are now saying the web should abolish MathML and let TeX be the standard.

on a separate note, learned this: Manuel de Codage «The Manuel de Codage (abbr. MdC) is a standard system for the computer-encoding of transliterations of Egyptian hieroglyphic texts.»[see Unicode: Egyptian Hieroglyph Characters]

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