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O, math, my true love, how i have alienated thee, and you being quite difficult.

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todo. read http://www.malinc.se/noneuclidean/en/poincaretiling.php

Great Software For 2D Visualization of Geometry

new app added

A Course In Universal Algebra, Burris, Sankappanavar

added a new text book. graduate level.

3 books i love. Now each on its own page.

Introduction to Graph Theory  Trudeau-s199x314
Graph Theory Book
visual complex analysis 20180309-s217x289
Visual Complex Analysis by Tristan Needham
groups and their graphs  Grossman Magnus zdbqt
Groups and Their Graphs by Israel Grossman and Wilhelm Magnus

Pretty Math. Collected from old blogs.

incidence structure, projective geometry

Undergraduate Math Degree Courses

Galois Theory, Abel and Galois

galois theory

Evariste Galois

Niels Henrik Abel

Blue Fire roller coaster-s289x217
Roller Coaster Calculus
truchet tile 2019-07-08 2j73n
truchet tile 2019-07-08 2j73n

Truchet tiles

The Three-Body Problem, scifi

logic. free variable

logic. principle of explosion

Euler-Mascheroni constant

Continued fraction

Math, Algebra: on the Phraseology of X Over K, and What's Group Theory?

the supreme mystery of the universe, is math. note, not physics, quantum or blackhole crap.

u can write scifi about blackhole or quantum physics stuff, but u cant for math.

cauchy sequence defines calculus and complete metric space

smooth map

been slacking in the math department. Going to pick up again. Each day, i spend 1 hour reading math, and post whatever. Today, let's learn about “smooth map”.

xah talk show 2019-05-06 geometric inversion, stereographic projection, their relations

this is logic, part of proof theory. this is what intent to learn in next 5 years, as opposed to category theory. (i got asked about the latter often, from programer idiots) https://twitter.com/johncarlosbaez/status/1122976661132021760

Peano axioms

Tennenbaum's theorem

Tennenbaum's theorem is a result in mathematical logic that states that no countable nonstandard model of first-order Peano arithmetic (PA) can be recursive (Kaye 1991:153ff).

Compactness theorem

In mathematical logic, the compactness theorem states that a set of first-order sentences has a model if and only if every finite subset of it has a model. This theorem is an important tool in model theory, as it provides a useful method for constructing models of any set of sentences that is finitely consistent.

Finite model theory

Finite model theory (FMT) is a subarea of model theory (MT). MT is the branch of mathematical logic which deals with the relation between a formal language (syntax) and its interpretations (semantics). FMT is a restriction of MT to interpretations on finite structures, which have a finite universe.

Interpretation (logic)

An interpretation is an assignment of meaning to the symbols of a formal language. Many formal languages used in mathematics, logic, and theoretical computer science are defined in solely syntactic terms, and as such do not have any meaning until they are given some interpretation. The general study of interpretations of formal languages is called formal semantics.

The most commonly studied formal logics are propositional logic, predicate logic and their modal analogs, and for these there are standard ways of presenting an interpretation. In these contexts an interpretation is a function that provides the extension of symbols and strings of symbols of an object language. For example, an interpretation function could take the predicate T (for “tall”) and assign it the extension {a} (for “Abraham Lincoln”). Note that all our interpretation does is assign the extension {a} to the non-logical constant T, and does not make a claim about whether T is to stand for tall and ‘a’ for Abraham Lincoln. Nor does logical interpretation have anything to say about logical connectives like ‘and’, ‘or’ and ‘not'. Though we may take these symbols to stand for certain things or concepts, this is not determined by the interpretation function.

An interpretation often (but not always) provides a way to determine the truth values of sentences in a language. If a given interpretation assigns the value True to a sentence or theory, the interpretation is called a model of that sentence or theory.

Lindström's theorem

In mathematical logic, Lindström's theorem (named after Swedish logician Per Lindström, who published it in 1969) states that first-order logic is the strongest logic[1] (satisfying certain conditions, e.g. closure under classical negation) having both the (countable) compactness property and the (downward) Löwenheim–Skolem property.[2]

Modal logic

model logic 2019-04-29 h8zj7
model logic 2019-04-29 h8zj7

these shapes form hex stars. #geometry https://twitter.com/CGTNOfficial/status/1115445476537450496

[Too good to be Truchet By Colin Beveridge. At http://chalkdustmagazine.com/features/too-good-to-be-truchet/ ]

[Truchet By Cameron Browne. At http://cambolbro.com/games/truchet/ ]

[Truchet, Braille and Euler By Peter Rowlett. At https://aperiodical.com/2010/02/truchet-braille-and-euler/ ]

Zernike polynomials


xah talk show 2019-03-17, python, iterator, iterators, #math intro to group theory for programers
xah talk show 2019-03-16. history of python perl ruby JavaScript golang, neural network, complex numbers.
xah talk show, 2019-03-14, calculus, analysis, free text books, regex

Module (Algebra)

Linear Map, Bilinear Map, Multilinear Map

Geometric algebra

todo read

[Let's remove Quaternions from every 3D Engine (An Interactive Introduction to Rotors from Geometric Algebra) By Marc Ten Bosch. At http://marctenbosch.com/quaternions/ ]

Geometric algebra

geometric algebra 2019-02 7sspb
geometric algebra 2019-02 7sspb

i no unstand.


[Linear and Geometric Algebra By Alan Macdonald. At Buy at amazon ]


[Geometric Algebra for Computer Science By Leo Dorst , Daniel Fontijne , Stephen Mann. At Buy at amazon ]

some old articles.

  1. Mandelbrot Set Explained (no complex number needed)
  2. How Computing Science created a new mathematical style
  3. The TeX Pestilence (Why TeX/LaTeX Sucks)
  4. English/Chinese Math Terminology 中/英 数学术语
  5. What is the Difference of Russell's Logicism, Hilbert's Formalism, Axiomatic System?
  6. Math Notation, Computer Language Syntax, and the “Form” in Formalism
  7. Math Notation, Proof System, Computer Algebra, in One Language
  8. The Codification of Mathematics
  9. Math Terminology and Naming of Things
  10. Mathematical Notation: Past and Future
  11. Pattern Matching vs Grammar Specification
  12. A Notation for Plane Geometry
  13. State of Theorem Proving Systems 2008
  14. The Problems of Traditional Math Notation
  15. The Geometric Significance of Complex Conjugate
  16. Notes On Plane Curves and Proofs
  17. Math Insight: Multiplication and Multiplicative Identity
special relativity 2019-02-14 cpy4j
special relativity 2019-02-14

Hyperboloid of Two Sheet http://VirtualMathMuseum.org/Surface/hyperboloid2/hyperboloid2.html

Dirac Belt Trick http://VirtualMathMuseum.org/Surface/dirac-belt/DiracBelt.html

Mathematician Gaston Julia

Gaston Julia 2019-02-04 859h8
Gaston Julia

this guy, is the first to study julia set. #math #geometry

Mathematician Pierre Wantzel

Pierre Wantzel

Pierre Laurent Wantzel (5 June 1814 in Paris – 21 May 1848 in Paris) was a French mathematician who proved that several ancient geometric problems were impossible to solve using only compass and straightedge.[1]

In a paper from 1837,[2] Wantzel proved that the problems of

  • doubling the cube, and
  • trisecting the angle

are impossible to solve if one uses only compass and straightedge. In the same paper he also solved the problem of determining which regular polygons are constructible:

a regular polygon is constructible if and only if the number of its sides is the product of a power of two and any number of distinct Fermat primes (i.e. that the sufficient conditions given by Carl Friedrich Gauss are also necessary) The solution to these problems had been sought for thousands of years, particularly by the ancient Greeks. However, Wantzel's work was neglected by his contemporaries and essentially forgotten. Indeed, it was only 50 years after its publication that Wantzel's article was mentioned either in a journal article[3] or in a textbook.[4] Before that, it seems to have been mentioned only once, by Julius Petersen, in his doctoral thesis of 1871. It was probably due to an article published about Wantzel by Florian Cajori more than 80 years after the publication of Wantzel's article[1] that his name started to be well-known among mathematicians.[5]

Wantzel was also the first person who proved, in 1843,[6] that when a cubic polynomial with rational coefficients has three real roots but it is irreducible in Q[x] (the so-called casus irreducibilis), then the roots cannot be expressed from the coefficients using real radicals alone, that is, complex non-real numbers must be involved if one expresses the roots from the coefficients using radicals. This theorem would be rediscovered decades later by (and sometimes attributed to) Vincenzo Mollame and Otto Hölder.

“Ordinarily he worked evenings, not lying down until late; then he read, and took only a few hours of troubled sleep, making alternately wrong use of coffee and opium, and taking his meals at irregular hours until he was married. He put unlimited trust in his constitution, very strong by nature, which he taunted at pleasure by all sorts of abuse. He brought sadness to those who mourn his premature death.” — Adhémar Jean Claude Barré de Saint-Venant on the occasion of Wantzel's death.[1]

Mathematician Pierre Fatou and Julia Set

this guy, is the first to study Julia set.

Pierre Fatou s5mjw
Pierre Fatou s5mjw

the math work of Pierre Fatou. Analysis, analytical functions, dynamical systems, chaos theory.

Pierre Fatou 4hsxk
Pierre Fatou 4hsxk

Mathematician Adrien Douadly, and Mandelbrot Set

Adrien Douadly 2019-02-01 m3jr9
Adrien Douadly

this guy started research on Mandelbrot set. one major result is that the Mandelbrot set is connected. #math #geometry

Mandelbrot set cstgw
Mandelbrot set

the Mandelbrot set, is truly one of the most incredible thing in math. Incredible is the word, and amazing, cosmetic, and in a visual way too. It shows the deep mystery of math.

See also: Mandelbrot Set Explained (no complex number needed)

here's the deepest zoom. Zoom to: 3.4 * 10^1091, and the video plays for 70 minutes.

here's the deepest zoom of Mandelbrot set, Zoomed to 3.4 * 10^1091. If you zoom this much on a atom, it'd be 10 followed by 109 zeros times larger than the screen. it's 70 minutes video.

Eye of the Universe - Mandelbrot Fractal Zoom (e1091) (4k 60fps)

and i always thought, if you zoom to a particular point deep enough, the face of god would suddenly appear, and the universe would blow up. It's, like, playing lottery, you wouldn't know there's no jackpot untill you played all the possible numbers. #math

annulus, math

annulus math 2019-02-01 xh8vd
annulus math 2019-02-01

differential geometry site

been helping mat professors build differential geometry site.

latest are Soliton Surface and others, see

visit the whole gallery at http://virtualmathmuseum.org/index.html

we've been working on it in past year.

See also: Wikipedia

graduate level differential geometry

math Three-Soliton Surface http://VirtualMathMuseum.org/Surface/three-soliton/three-soliton.html

Breather Surface http://VirtualMathMuseum.org/Surface/breather/breather.html

#math Chaitin's constant Chaitin's constant this is when, computer science enters the twilight zone. if you understand it, let me know. i want to kiss your ass.

Calculus, Gradient

gradient 2019-01-06 7fa94
gradient 2019-01-06 7fa94


Derivative and Jacobian Matrix

Jacobian Matrix
Jacobian Matrix

Jacobian matrix and determinant

derivative 8f19a

#math derivative. if you are rusty with calculus, or programer who never learned it, it's good time to revisit. join my journey. read my daily snippet, and lookup Wikipedia.

Wikipedia is usually chaotic, rambling on and on, touching highschool stuff to research stuff. if calculus is new to you, read textbooks. Here's Free Math Textbooks i verified quality. Free Math Textbooks

Proof theory

#math programers, if u haven't seen Conway's Game of Life yet, look into. it's eye opening. In 1990s, i spent years “playing” it. 1st deep theory you learn: deterministic system can be unpredictable. https://twitter.com/icm7216/status/1080209582041907200

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