The Mathematica Book Online

By Xah Lee. Date: .

Wolfram used to publish a book called The Mathematica book Buy at amazon

The Mathematica Book Bbwb2-s600
The Mathematica Book

It was a comprehensive Mathematica manual, over one thousand pages (1427 pages) in 1996 (for Mathematica v3), that are shipped with every copy of Mathematica.

The last printed edition is 5th edition for Mathematica version 5, published in 2003.

But since, the content has moved online. However, as of 2021, it is no longer in a coherent book format. Instead, the content of each chapter is now known as Tech Notes, and link to it are scattered among wolfram documentations, and there is no one page collecting all such.

Here i try to collect them together as book Table of Contents.

The Mathematica Book Chapters

Principles of Mathematica


Functional Operations


Manipulating Lists


Patterns and Transformation Rules

Transformation Rules and Definitions

Evaluation of Expressions

Modularity and the Naming of Things

Strings and Characters

Textual Input and Output—Wolfram Language Documentation

The Structure of Graphics and Sound

Manipulating Notebooks

Files and Streams

Files, Streams, and External Operations

Introduction to Manipulate

Introduction to Dynamic

Advanced Dynamic Functionality


Wolfram System Internet Connectivity

Mathematical and Other Notation

Global Aspects of Wolfram System Sessions

Operator Input Forms

Introduction to WSTP (aka MathLink)