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Verbosity in Tutorials

there's a JavaScript tutorial named 〈Eloquent JavaScript〉 at http://eloquentjavascript.net/ for example, here's chapter 3 on functions, the first 3 paragraphs:

You've seen function values, such as alert, and how to call them. Functions are the bread and butter of JavaScript programming. The concept of wrapping a piece of program in a value has many uses. It is a tool to structure larger programs, to reduce repetition, to associate names with subprograms, and to isolate these subprograms from each other.

The most obvious application of functions is defining new vocabulary. Creating new words in regular, human-language prose is usually bad style. But in programming, it is indispensable.

Typical adult English speakers have some 20,000 words in their vocabulary. Few programming languages come with 20,000 commands built in. And the vocabulary that is available tends to be more precisely defined, and thus less flexible, than in human language. Therefore, we usually have to add some of our own vocabulary to avoid repeating ourselves too much.

a lot tutorials are like that. Not all, but most, filled with hand-holding passages. I always find such tutorial annoying. I like them concise, actually as close to symbolic logic as possible, for example:

but it's very rare to find such style. (disclaimer: i wrote the above)

do you like the verbose type with a guided intro? why or why not?

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if linux xfce, if you scroll mouse wheel while pointer is on a window's title, it'll roll up the window. Very annoying. Here's how to disable that.

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i've now succumbed to the pop. The sample code syntax on my site:「code ‹var›」, now don't have the special brackets. Instead, coloring and italitics are relied on.


the convention of italics for var names is historical. It's purely a rendering issue. It helps reading, but doesn't function as formal language. For example, if you use ‹var›, it has formal semantics as part of the text. But the extra brackets is confusing for vast majority of readers.

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